Bachem returns as sponsor to Austrian Peptide Symposium

Bachem returns as sponsor to Austrian Peptide Symposium

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DECEMBER 06, 2018

Bubendorf, Switzerland: –Peptide technology specialist Bachem AG will be a leading exhibitor and sponsor of December’s 8th Austrian Peptide Symposium (AtPS) in Salzburg.

This is a return to the AtPS for Bachem, who were sponsors and exhibitors at the previous year’s symposium in Vienna.

Pioneering partner for peptides

Bachem will exhibit at Salzburg’s St. Virgil Conference Center under its banner of ‘Pioneering Partner for Peptides’, showing its comprehensive portfolio of off-the-shelf biochemicals and research and production-focused custom synthesis services for research labs and pharma and biotech industries.

The Bachem display will also feature its latest developments, such as the ISO 13485 certification of its production site at St. Helens, UK.

Advanced peptide technologies

The display will also feature Bachem’s custom synthesis service that allows the synthesis of custom peptides from milligram up to kilogram scale.

Bachem says it is pleased to strengthen its connection with the Austrian Peptide Symposium as demonstrating its commitment to the European peptide research community and as an ideal platform to connect with researchers and partners interested in advanced peptide technologies.

About Bachem

The Bachem Group is the world’s only full service provider of peptides and provides a full range of other services to the pharma and biotech industries.

Under its banner Pioneering Partner for Peptides, Bachem specializes in the process development and manufacture of peptides and complex organic molecules as active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

A comprehensive catalog of innovative biochemicals for research and exclusive custom syntheses for research labs complete its service portfolio.

Headquartered in Switzerland with subsidiaries in Europe, the US and Asia, the group has a global reach and shows total commitment to quality, innovation and partnership to its customers worldwide.

Bachem prioritizes continuous investment in R&D on chemistries and technologies as crucial for future success. Its ever-increasing knowledge of complex proteins and peptides derives from ongoing research in proteomics, as well as progress in mass spectrometry, synthesis and ligation technologies, complemented by collaboration with external research institutions.

Bachem has six production sites in the U.S. and in Europe along with research level production and full cGMP manufacturing facilities on both continents. These provide capacity to produce APIs, key intermediates, small molecule generics, new chemical entities (NCEs) and finished dosage forms at preclinical, clinical and production scales.

About Austrian Peptide Symposium 2018

The Austrian Peptide Society Symposium is an annual event that forms a national and international forum for knowledge sharing on peptide science and technology, As a member of the European Peptide Society (EPS), the Austrian Society organizes the event with contributions from EPS members and other interested scientists.

The 8th Austrian Peptide Symposium (AtPS 2018) is a one-day event, held on December 13 at the St. Virgil Hotel & conference Center in Salzburg.

The conference will cover a range of topics, including Peptide Chemistry & Synthesis, Bioactive Peptides, Peptidomics and Peptide Pharmacology.

The event is organized by the Austrian Peptide Society in collaboration with the Medical University of Vienna’s Center of Physiology and Pharmacology. Further information at:

Media Contact

Dr. Martina Diekmann, Vice-President, Global Marketing, Bachem Group
Tel: +41 799 459 107


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