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    Bachem Oligonucleotide Facility Tour – Trailer

    videosBachem AG
    March 17th 2023

    This tour is an exclusive walkthrough of Bachem’s oligonucleotide facilities in the company’s Headquarters, Bubendorf, Basel, Switzerland.

    The oligonucleotide organization consists of two sub-units. First, Oligo Manufacturing with three departments for pilot scale, large scale, and the very large line in the new building. Second, Oligo R&D with two departments for process R&D and CMC development.

    Both subunits are supported by staff functions such as technical writers, production schedulers, and specialists for Manufacturing Science and Technology, and Chromatography.

    The oligonucleotide organization has facilities in three buildings, and the equipment is operational and qualified for GMP use.

    The largest new production building is under construction and one of the world’s largest capacity for oligonucleotide manufacturing in the metric ton range will be operational in 2024.

    This virtual tour will start with production, following the typical process flow starting with synthesis, C&D, ultra-filtration, chromatography in batch or continuous mode, and finish with lyophilization. Moving on to the R&D and pilot scale following again the process flow, the tour will end in the CMC development unit that takes care of innovation projects, new technologies, and scale-up activities.

    Daniel Samson, Head Oligonucleotides
    Rüdiger Haug, Director Large Scale Oligo II Production
    Daniel Pfeffer, Group Leader Large Scale Oligo II Production
    Adrian Sevenich, Group Leader Large Scale Oligo II Production
    Stefan Marschner, Project Chemist (PhD) Large Scale Oligo II Production
    Jonas Groos, Group Leader Large Scale Oligo II Production
    Adrian Pritzius, Director Peptide Manufacturing
    David Hielscher, Senior Production Technician PMD II
    Branislav Dugovic, Group Leader Oligo I R&D
    Nikolai Grebenovsky, Group Leader Oligo I R&D
    Dimitri Reimann Lab Technician Oligo I R&D
    Damian Ploschik, Project Chemist Oligo I R&D
    Michael Mosch Lab Technician Oligo I R&D
    Marco Minuth Senior, Group Leader Oligo II R&D
    Guido Creusen Project Chemist Oligo II R&D
    Anders Füchtbauer, Group Leader Oligo II R&D
    Ralf Eisenhuth Process Manager Chromatography

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