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    Bachem hosting further webinar on Peptide Easy Clean technology

    news-releasesBachem AG
    April 13th 2021

    Bubendorf, Switzerland: –Due to high interest in the newly developed Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) platform and its application for a traceless parallel purification of complex peptides, Leading Partner In Tides Bachem AG is organizing a further online webinar on this exciting new technology later this month.

    The free Zoom-hosted one hour webinar Peptide Easy Clean (PEC): A New Turn in Peptide Purification will last one hour, commencing 1730 hrs. CEST (UTC +2) on April 20, 2021. Registration is free of charge and can be completed online (see Resources).

    Purification challenge

    Purification of peptides presents an industry-wide challenge, especially in processing diverse peptide libraries, due to their potentially broad distribution in physico-chemical properties.

    The webinar will highlight the advantages and universal applications of the Peptide Easy Clean (PEC) technology discovered by Berlin-based Belyntic GmbH and its potential for more efficient and innovative development of new peptide based drug modalities.

    Unlike high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) that only allows sequential processing of single samples, PEC can be used for parallel purifications, radically increasing the speed of peptide development, Additionally, PEC presents an orthogonal approach to chromatographic separation, facilitating the purification of difficult peptides; by using PEC methodology, aggregation or precipitation can be prevented and increased solubility in organic solvents achieved.

    PEC technology

    The webinar follows the success of a previous online discussion of PEC during February and will once again feature speakers from Belyntic and Bachem, partners in developing the technology.

    Representing Belyntic will be its co-founder and Head of R&D, Dr. Robert Zitterbart, who has almost a decade of experience in the development of peptide purification technologies. After his diploma work in the group of K. Peter C. Vollhardt at the University of California, Berkeley, Robert Zitterbart earned his Ph.D. at Humboldt-University, Berlin in the group of Oliver Seitz. During his scientific career, he has successfully published many articles in peer reviewed journals.

    PEC advantages and applications

    Dr. Gavin Noble, R&D Chemist at BUK St Helens, will explain Bachem’s key role in early testing and development of PEC on pharmaceutically relevant peptides, along with the technology’s application and  advantages for traceless parallel peptide purification using a first-in-class reductively cleavable linker system featuring a safety-release.

    Dr. Noble’s primary focus at Bachem UK is undertaking and coordinating investigations into new production methods for research-grade peptide manufacture, as well as supporting the Synthesis and Purification groups as a ‘troubleshooter’. Before joining Bachem in 2014., Dr. Noble enjoyed an eminent academic career,  performing research at University of Manchester, UK, into protein and enzyme activity at synthetic liposome surfaces and as a post-doctoral fellow at The University of Notre Dame (USA), researching peptide-targeted liposome nanoparticles for cancer and antimalarial therapies. During his career, he has published several peer-reviewed articles in high-impact journals, with over 600 citations.

    Dr. Erik Schrader, Bachem’s Sales Manager for Custom Synthesis, will moderate the webinar.

    About Bachem

    Bachem is a leading, innovation-driven company specializing in the development and manufacture of peptides and oligonucleotides.  With 50 years of experience and expertise Bachem provides products for research, clinical development and commercial application to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide and offers a comprehensive range of services.  Bachem operates internationally with headquarters in Switzerland and locations in Europe, the US and Asia.  The company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

    Under its banner Leading Partner in Tides, Bachem prioritizes continuous investment in R&D on chemistries and technologies as crucial for future success. Its ever-increasing knowledge of complex proteins and peptides derives from ongoing research in proteomics, as well as progress in mass spectrometry, synthesis and ligation technologies, complemented by collaboration with external research institutions.

    Bachem has five production sites in the US, UK and Switzerland along with research level production and full cGMP manufacturing facilities on both continents. These provide capacity to produce APIs, key intermediates, small molecule generics, and new chemical entities (NCEs) at preclinical, clinical and production scales.

    Further information at:


    Click on Bachem webinar ‘Peptide Easy Clean (PEC): A New Turn in Peptide Purification’ to register for the event.
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    Bachem – Partner from Research to Marketed API

    Bachem hosting further webinar on Peptide Easy Clean technology
    Bachem hosting further webinar on Peptide Easy Clean technology

    Bachem Speaker: Dr. Gavin Noble, R&D Chemist at Bachem UK

    Bachem hosting further webinar on Peptide Easy Clean technology

    Belyntic Speaker: Robert Zitterbart, co-founder and Head of R&D

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