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    Bachem bringing manufacturing and scientific insights to leading Spring 2024 events

    news-releasesBachem AG
    March 6th 2024

    Bubendorf, Switzerland: –Peptide and Oligonucleotide technology specialist Bachem AG will be a prominent presence at three of the world’s most important biopharma events occurring near simultaneously in mid-March 2024, in Europe, North America and Asia.

    As an exhibitor and scientific contributor, Bachem will use all three events to showcase its leading-edge capabilities as a peptide and oligonucleotide manufacturer.

    Bachem at Bio-Europe Spring 2024

    Opening on March 18, Bachem will be a Gold Sponsor and leading participant in the BIO Europe Spring 2024 event in Barcelona.

    BACHEM’s Business Development Manager Georgios Georgopoulos and Business Development Director Riccardo Bernasconi will represent the company in the widespread networking activities.

    Bachem at DCAT Week

    Opening on the same day on the other side of the Atlantic, Bachem will also be a leading presence at the prestigious DCAT week in New York City, hosting presentations and meetings from Rooms 1501 & 1502 at the main conference venue, the Lotte New York Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue.

    Bachem is sending a very strong team to the event, headed by Dr. Thomas Meier. The team also includes CCO Torsten Wöhr, VP Head of Global Sales André Casagrande, senior director and Head of Generics Eric Bouillet, Directors of Sales Generics Pascal Hess and Sergey Malashikhin, VP Head of Global Strategic Alliances Boris Corpataux, and Director Product Management Tycho Leifels.

    Bachem at TIDES Asia

    The day after both these events open, Bachem will also attend a third meeting in Japan, the TIDES Asia 2024 meeting, where it will be an exhibitor from Booth 33 at the Westin Miyako hotel in Kyoto, displaying the range of its offerings in peptides and oligonucleotides for drug substance development and manufacturing.

    Bachem will also contribute to the scientific agenda at the meeting with a Day Two presentation (Track 1, March 20, 1450 hrs.) from its VP Head of Oligonucleotides Dr. Daniel Samson on ‘Going Large-scale with Manufacturing of Oligonucleotides’ that reviews the challenges involved in industrial scale oligomer production.

    Bachem will also be represented in Kyoto by Sales Manager Generics Ito Aya, Head of Asia Pacific Business Development Naoki Yamamoto, VP Head Global Business Chris McGee, and Sales Assistant Keiko Nomura.

    About Bachem

    Bachem is a leading, innovation-driven company specializing in the development and manufacture of peptides and oligonucleotides. The company, which has over 50 years of experience and expertise, provides products for research, clinical development, and commercial application to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide and offers a comprehensive range of services.

    Bachem operates internationally with headquarters in Switzerland and locations in Europe, the US and Asia. The company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

    For further information, see

    About BIO Europe Spring 2024

    BIO-Europe Spring® a premier partnering conference that annually attracts an international “who’s who” from biotech, pharma and finance for high caliber networking.

    The three-day event opens on March 18 at Barcelona’s CCIB congress center, with EBD Group’s sophisticated partnering system, partneringONE®, facilitating networking for companies across the life science value chain, from large biotech and pharma companies to financiers and innovators.

    The conference is expected to attract some 2,500 delegates and 70 exhibitors representing more than 1,400 companies from some 50 countries worldwide. It will feature more than 20 workshops and panels with more than 3,600 licensing opportunities posted.

    The event is organized by EBD with more information at:

    About DCAT Week 2024

    The Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association (DCAT), founded in 1890, has become North America’s premier business development association for companies that manufacture, distribute or provide services to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

    DCAT represents the entire spectrum of the pharmaceutical industry—from pharmaceutical, API, and excipient sales and manufacturing to distribution, support technologies and packaging products and services.

    Attended by thousands of industry professionals, DCAT Week® and the DCAT Annual Dinner, held each March in New York City, is considered as a premier global event for companies engaged in the biotech and pharmaceutical manufacturing value chains.

    DCAT Week 2024 will take place over four days from Monday, March 18, 2024, with its central venue at the Lotte New York Palace in Madison Avenue, New York City. It is expected to attract more than 10,000 attendees, overwhelmingly C-Suite executives and high-level decision makers, representing some 700 companies drawn from more than 50 nations worldwide.

    The week will conclude with the 96th DCAT Annual Dinner, again held in the Grand Ballroom of the New York Hilton on the evening of Thursday, March 21.

    The event is organized by DCAT with more information at:

    About TIDES Asia 2024

    The TIDES Asia Oligonucleotide & Peptide Therapeutics conference is the only event in Asia bringing together science, technologies and partners to accelerate oligonucleotide and peptide molecules to market. The event provides a platform for industry leaders and service providers to share knowledge and insights the oligonucleotide, peptide, mRNA and drug delivery spectrum.

    The 2024 meeting is again a three-day hybrid event opening March 19 at the Westin Miyako hotel in Kyoto with an accompanying online dimension. The physical conference is expected to attract more than 300 oligonucleotide and peptide experts from across Asia, Europe and North America.

    It will feature numerous keynote addresses from leading practitioners in the biologics field as well as workshops on early drug development and CMC of oligonucleotide therapeutics and strategies and techniques to improve the drug-like properties of peptides throughout the product lifecycle.

    The event is organized by Informa Connect (knect 365) with further information at


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    Bachem – Partner from Research to Marketed API

    Bachem bringing manufacturing and scientific insights to leading Spring 2024 events
    Bachem bringing manufacturing and scientific insights to leading Spring 2024 events
    Bachem bringing manufacturing and scientific insights to leading Spring 2024 events

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