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    Bachem appoints Frank Dettner to manage Bubendorf HQ site

    news-releasesBachem AG
    April 21st 2023

    Bubendorf, Switzerland: – Swiss-based peptide technology specialist Bachem AG has appointed Dr. Frank Dettner as site manager of its Bubendorf headquarters location at a particularly dynamic time in its history.

    Bubendorf is at the center of significant Bachem investment in expanded peptide and oligonucleotide production capacity and new processes. Dr. Dettner says he is carrying out a six-month site appraisal to see what detailed changes may be needed to organisation and processes.

    Frank Dettner moved from Site Manager at Bachem Torrance in the USA to take over in his new role from the start of the year, succeeding Mr. Beat Sax, who has moved on to  take over as the new Lead of Strategic Initiatives at Bubendorf.

    Exciting challenges

    Dr. Dettner says he is very excited about taking on these new challenges, which coincide with major changes at Bachem as part of a global investment program to expand capacity. This includes construction of the large-scale ‘Building K’ – TIDES FABrication Plant leading-edge facility at Bubendorf for the manufacture of peptides and oligonucleotides that has potential to double the site’s production capacity.

    “Bubendorf is currently in a very dynamic growth phase and is undergoing a significant transformation. This transformation includes implementing innovative new technologies, important capital investment projects, new business processes, and significant organization expansion. These are, without a doubt, challenging and exciting tasks,” Dr. Dettner said.

    Establishing priorities

    Frank Dettner says his initial focus will be on establishing site priorities and the interests of the many groups of stakeholders involved at Bubendorf.

    “In the first few months, I will get an overview of the project landscape in Bubendorf. I also want to understand the site priorities that have been previously set to be able to classify them in the context of our growth strategy. During this assessment phase, I will also gradually assume more responsibility. Based on the assessment, I can judge in the second quarter of 2023 whether and what changes will be required at the site and how we can continue the successful work of recent years,” he explained.

    Background in CMC innovation

    His own background includes a doctorate in peptide chemistry at TU Berlin, followed by more than 12 years working in Bachem CMC environments, with R&D Group involvement in implementing innovative technologies and automated processes, including the development of  the 166 amino acid-long glycosylated protein Interferon beta-1a.

    “Our company would not be as successful and would not have a leading role in the TIDES field today if we had not always emphasized innovation greatly,” Frank Dettner reflects.

    “Innovation is in the DNA of our company. I firmly believe that innovation is the foundation for keeping up with new market developments and continuing to produce APIs of the highest and most consistent quality. Innovation is also essential in making Bachem an even more attractive workplace for our highly trained employees and offering our customers intelligent solutions. The innovative mindset at Bachem is why I enjoy working here so much,” he said.

    About Bachem

    Bachem is a leading, innovation-driven company specializing in the development and manufacture of peptides and oligonucleotides. The company, which has over 50 years of experience and expertise, provides products for research, clinical development, and commercial application to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide and offers a comprehensive range of services.

    Bachem operates internationally with headquarters in Switzerland and locations in Europe, the US and Asia. The company is listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

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    Bachem – Partner from Research to Marketed API

    Bachem appoints Frank Dettner to manage Bubendorf HQ site

    Dr. Frank Dettner: Site Manager at Bachem Bubendorf.

    Bachem appoints Frank Dettner to manage Bubendorf HQ site

    Bachem Headquarters site at Bubendorf, in Switzerland’s Basel region, is focus of radical expansion and new processes.

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