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    Aurena sustainability performance now benchmarked by EcoVadis

    news-releasesAurena Laboratories
    November 10th 2022

    Karlstad, Sweden: – Aurena Laboratories AB (Aurena) has now transitioned to using the world’s foremost business sustainability assessment service, EcoVadis, to assess its CSR performance.

    Aurena’s first appearance on the EcoVadis Index confirms the Swedish-based contract manufacturer is in the top quartile of assessed companies for sustainability across its operations, earning a Silver Medal rating, with particularly favorable assessments on its Ethics, Labor, and Human Rights performances.

    Aurena has pledged to improve its performance further, setting a goal to achieve Gold Medal performance in 2023, placing the company in the top 5% of the more than 100.000 companies from over 200 industries in some 175+ countries now listed on the EcoVadis Index.

    Sustainability at Aurena

    “We will work hard to improve ourselves in areas such as supply chain, energy consumption and have the goal of greatly reducing our carbon footprint in the coming years,” commented Anna Björklund who is the CSR Project Manager at Aurena.

    Guided by its overall corporate vision of contributing to public health by manufacturing effective and ethical products, Aurena has long taken its environmental responsibilities seriously, with goals defined by its Agenda 2030 Sustainability Program.

    Stakeholder involvement

    “It has become ever clearer over recent years that we must all work together to solve our common global challenges such as reducing and eventually eliminating poverty, realizing human rights for all, and solving the climate crisis,” said Aurena CEO Lars Hedman.

    “To those ends, we work with various stakeholders such as authorities, suppliers, customers, and our employees,” he explained.

    Environmental commitments

    Aurena also aims to achieve its first sustainability certification under the ISO2600 standard as part of its performance objectives for 2023.

    A further example of Aurena’s commitment to sustainability is that they have become a partner in the Swedish company Klimatskoga.  Klimatskoga promotes new methods to use fast-growing deciduous trees to capture carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. (

    About Aurena Laboratories

    Swedish-based Aurena Laboratories (Aurena) specializes in the development and manufacturing of products using Bag-on-Valve packaging. The company is a leader in private label products and contract manufacturing of bag-on-valve aerosols for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

    Their products offer private label seawater/saline-based nasal sprays, wound wash sprays, adhesive removers, emollient sprays and burn gels. Aurena-manufactured products are brought to market under Private Label or as contract-manufactured products.

    More information is available at:


    Click on EcoVadis: Measuring Business Sustainability Performance for further information.
    Click on Klimatskoga to learn more about Klimatskoga.


    Your Partner in Bag-On-Valve – Medical Devices

    Aurena sustainability performance now benchmarked by EcoVadis

    Aurena is in top 25% of all companies benchmarked on EcoVadis Sustainability Index.

    Aurena sustainability performance now benchmarked by EcoVadis

    CEO Lars Hedman together with the CSR Project Manager Anna Björklund.


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