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    Aurena partners with Aquila Bioscience on pathogen shield spray

    news-releasesAurena Laboratories
    February 15th 2022

    Karlstad, Sweden: – Bag-on-Valve (BoV) and saline product specialist Aurena Laboratories AB (Aurena) is working in collaboration with Irish-based Life Science Technology Company, Aquila Bioscience to develop its pathogen-capturing technology (PCT) into a sprayable format.

    Aquila Bioscience, a start-up company from the National University of Ireland, Galway, originally focused on the applications of its PCT technology for military defence against biological weapons in collaboration with the Czech University of Defence and the Defence Forces Ireland.

    They have now applied this technology to ProShield Mask Spray, which uses natural decoy molecules that forms a ‘nanofiber shield’ to capture and neutralise microbes (bacteria, viruses, and fungi), toxins and allergens. This Nature-Inspired technology is based on the scientific field of Glycoscience that studies the importance of protein-carbohydrate interactions in nature including infectious diseases.

    Pathogen Capture Spray using BoV Dispenser Technology

    Aquila’s pathogen capturing technology (PCT) replaces alcohol or biocide-based chemicals that can be harmful to people’s health and the environment. Through utilising complex glyco-sugars that act as a magnet for pathogens, it uses natural binding interactions to capture and neutralise them.

    The technology was previously applied to its first product, the ABD Device (Anti Bioagent Decontamination wipe) and now has been applied to ProShield Mask Spray via an environmentally friendly Bag-On-Valve (BoV) dispenser technology which was developed by Aurena. This product can now be sprayed onto reusable fabric face masks which can increase their efficacy up to 99 per cent and also significantly reduce the waste of single-use masks going to landfills.

    Safe applications

    Aurena Laboratories Chairman and Business Development Director Magnus Hedman commented: “We are very excited to be working with Aquila Bioscience in developing innovative delivery mechanisms for this exciting technology.”

    “The spray is completely safe to be used in contact with sensitive skin surfaces around the eyes, nose and mouth and the same technology can be used on other types of surfaces, opening up the possibility of numerous further spray applications,” Mr. Hedman noted.

    Professor Lokesh Joshi, Founder of Aquila Bioscience commented: “Aquila believes in protecting people from harmful germs and pathogens using nature’s own molecules. Aquila is excited to collaborate with Aurena on using its Bag-on-Valve technology to produce an environmentally friendly and effective product”.

    About Aurena Laboratories

    Swedish-based Aurena Laboratories (Aurena) specialises in the development and manufacturing of products using Bag-on-Valve packaging. The company is a leader in private label products and contract manufacturing of bag on valve aerosols for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry.

    Their products offer private label seawater/saline-based nasal sprays, wound wash sprays, adhesive removers, emollient sprays, diabetic foot spray and burn gel. Aurena-manufactured products are also brought to market under Private Label or as contract-manufactured products.

    The company complements its internal resources with external expertise and capabilities, including clinical development, product development and commercialisation.

    More information is available at:

    About Aquila Bioscience

    Aquila Bioscience was founded in 2012 at the National University of Ireland, Galway, by Lokesh Joshi, Stokes Professor of Glycoscience to apply the innovative and revolutionary decontamination technology to protect individuals against harmful pathogens and biotoxins.

    Collaborating with the Czech University of Defence and the Defence Forces Ireland, Aquila Bioscience’s first product was the ABD Device, a US FDA registered Class I medical device that is offered in the form of a decontamination wipe. This product has been successfully proven to capture and remove between 99.9 to 99.99% of a number of pathogens from numerous different surfaces, including SARS-CoV-2 from human skin. The company’s product portfolio has since expanded through the development of ProShield Mask Spray.

    Aquila Bioscience has received funding from the European Defence Agency, European Union-FP7 programme, European Union-Horizon 2020 programme, and received a European Innovation Council (EIC)-Accelerator Award in June 2020.

    More information is available at:


    Click on ProShield Mask Spray for product details.


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    Aurena partners with Aquila Bioscience on pathogen shield spray


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