ATG to Attend MipTec 2013

Press Release – ATG:biosynthetics GmbH
ATG to Attend MipTec 2013

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Supplier Press Release: ATG to Attend MipTec 2013
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SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

ATG to Attend MipTec 2013

Recent advances by ATG:biosynthetics GmbH, the German-based synthetic biology company, will be featured at the MipTec Conference and Exhibition, September 24-26 in Basel, Switzerland.

ATG’s collaboration partner Dr. Silke Wenzel from Saarland University in Saarbrucken will take the floor as first speaker at MipTec’s Natural Products and Synthetic Biology Forum on the third day of the conference, Thursday September 26, to talk about breakthrough work in “Production of Myxobacterial Metabolites based on Synthetic DNA”. ATG:biosynthetics contributed its world-class understanding of multi-gene and multiprotein expression through bioinformatic analyses along with gene design and synthesis to this project.

The Natural Products and Synthetic Biology forum taking place on the last day of the event will discuss the increasing areas of overlap between the technologies of genetic engineering applied to natural products and the widespread application of next generation sequencing technologies, improvements in DNA synthesis technologies and progress made in the rapidly developing field of synthetic biology, in which ATG are prominent. The goal of this session is to survey research from laboratories working at the nexus of these fields with emphasis placed on discovering how recent advances in the field of synthetic biology can help drive natural products research to facilitate drug discovery.

Alexander Craig, Marketing & Sales Manager at ATG:biosynthetics, said “This forum will discuss many of the new exciting breakthroughs in this field, like the increasing possibilities presented by multi-protein expression coupled with in-depth bioinformatic analysis of pathways and gene optimization strategies in improving metabolic pathways for natural products.” ATG:biosynthetics brings tools, services and years of experience in this area of research to the table.

“This is the third time we attend MipTec, which has become an essential event on our calendar, with its unique opportunities to hear about world-class research and to meet and talk to leading players in the world of synthetic biology, biopharma and drug discovery.”

“Dr. Bernauer, CEO of ATG:biosynthetics, and I will be attending MipTec and look forward to meeting anyone who wants to talk to us about challenges or collaborations,” Mr. Craig added.

ATG is inviting visitors to set up meetings through the partnering tool provided by BTG connect or by emailing ATG at

The ATG team will have full details about the latest products and services offered by the German-based laboratory, including multi-protein and peptide expression systems, synthetic bioinformatics expertise, gene synthesis and design of multi-gene assemblies.

About ATG:biosynthetics
ATG:biosynthetics is a synthetic biology company located in Merzhausen near Freiburg. The company is recognized for its expertise in combinatorial gene design and multi-gene expression. It offers a complete range of multi-gene and multi-peptide expression products and services for Synthetic and Molecular Biology as well as allied research and development areas.

A particular area of strength for ATG is in development of ‘tailor-made’ solutions, such as those needed for gene, gene cluster and complete pathway design. In these applications, it is able to harness its technologies and services such as gene synthesis, gene expression systems and bioinformatics, to offer individual products and services or integrated solutions with a complete product & service package for peptide/gene expression and synthetic biology applications.

About MipTec 2013
Since its foundation in 1992, MipTec has become one of Europe’s leading events for Drug Discovery and Life Sciences Research. The 2013 conference theme is “Personalized Medicine”, covered by internationally renowned keynote speakers in the drug discovery and life sciences field.

This theme is also addressed through the three-day dynamic programme, with BioValley’s Science and Career Day, Strategy Day and Connect Day exploring aspects of technology accelerating life sciences research, and MipTec’s nine Science Forums covering cutting-edge developments in Medicinal Chemistry, Peptide Therapeutics, HCS, NGS, Enzymology, Stem Cells in Biomedicine, Natural Products and Synthetic Biology.

The conference provides a platform for networking and scientific exchange for academic and industrial scientists. The 2013 event will feature more than 100 exhibitors, a further 100-plus scientific presentations and more than 100 poster exhibitions, offering delegates expert insights into most recent developments and experiences in all dimensions of drug discovery.

Alexander Craig
ATG:biosynthetics GmbH
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For more information about ATG attending MipTec, please contact ATG:biosynthetics directly.

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