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    Watlow® launches ASSURANT® HT Jacket solution for higher temperature semiconductor processing

    December 5th 2023

    St. Louis, Missouri, USA: – World-leading advanced thermal management solutions provider Watlow™ has launched a new range of higher temperature ASSURANT® HT heating jackets designed to meet the unique needs of semiconductor processing.

    The launch of ASSURANT HT marks a new era for the ASSURANT line of heaters, now designed from the ground up for semiconductor applications.

    Meeting demanding needs

    Watlow’s previously released ASSURANT cloth type heater jackets were made with PTFE-coated fiberglass and emphasized thermal uniformity and coverage for gas lines, pump lines, forelines and exhaust lines at standard operating temperature up to 180°C with a maximum operating temperature up to 250°C (482°F). However, today’s advanced processes, with new chemistries and applications, require even higher temperature ranges.

    The new Type HT heater jackets provide an increased, touch-safe operating temperature of 350°C, while again delivering even heating for uniform temperature profiles over the entire heated line.

    This makes the latest ASSURANT HT jacket line an ideal solution for the most demanding applications, such as high temperature/low outgassing in cleanroom environments.

    Watlow’s PTFE fibreglass-based technology ensures that ASSURANT HT complies with the SEMI International Standards voluntary technical agreements for the worldwide electronics design and manufacturing industries. They are non-flammable and eliminate all clogging and fouling issues, while also maximizing process tool uptime and chip yield by providing full coverage to the line eliminating cold spots that result in particle buildup.

    Plug and play solution

    Doug Schaefer, chief system designer at Watlow, commented: “We are thrilled to introduce the new ASSURANT HT to the market.”

    “Our first-generation ASSURANT TC is a reliable heating solution for many applications, but as industry evolves there is a need for an even higher temperature range.  With ASSURANT HT, we are providing our customers with a step change in thermal performance that will help them stay ahead of the curve on challenging processes like titanium nitride.”

    ASSURANT heater jackets can be customized with distributed watt densities, so lighter and heavier component parts are heated uniformly. The ASSURANT HT line can be supplied with integrated temperature sensors and controllers to assure accuracy and equipment longevity and is compatible with all existing controllers, making it a true plug-and-play solution that allows for easy integration with existing equipment.

    About Watlow

    Watlow is a global industrial technology company that uses its world-class engineering expertise, advanced thermal systems and manufacturing excellence to enrich everyday life.

    Many of the world’s leading companies leverage Watlow’s technologies in vital applications such as semiconductor processing, environmentally-friendly energy solutions and lifesaving medical and clinical equipment, to name a few.

    Founded in 1922, Watlow’s culture is driven by its mission of “Enriching Lives Through Inspired Innovation,” enabling the company to deliver high-impact solutions that improve its customers’ competitive advantage.

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    Watlow® launches ASSURANT® HT Jacket solution for higher temperature semiconductor processing

    Uprated Watlow ASSURANT H heating jackets now deliver uniform temperatures up to 350oC for demanding semiconductor applications.

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