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    New Watlow® Ceramic Technology Center will develop advanced thermal management solutions

    January 30th 2024

    St. Louis, Missouri, USA: – World-leading advanced thermal management solutions provider Watlow has opened a Ceramic Technology Center to develop Advanced Material Solutions for Thermal Management Systems.

    The new technology center on the Watlow campus in St. Louis, Missouri, will develop new ceramic materials solutions that enhance the company’s advanced thermal management systems.

    Advanced ceramics provide a unique combination of material properties utilized in a wide range of demanding thermal management system applications in medical devices, life sciences, semiconductor, green energy and other critical industries.

    Hi tech research

    Forming part of the Watlow Technology and Development Center, the new Ceramic Technology Center is a $6 million, 12,000 square foot conversion of available factory space that will create an initial 10-15 new high-tech jobs plus many more over coming years, adding to the company’s 600+ employee base in St. Louis and 4300+ employees worldwide.

    Watlow CEO Rob Gilmore commented: “The Ceramic Technology Center will allow us to research and develop the technologies that our customers require, along with the data behind the technologies, so that we can scale and grow the business.”

    “The team working in this area will be responsible for ceramic research and development of materials and processes to support and enhance our most advanced thermal systems.” Mr. Gilmore continued.

    Ceramic cornerstone

    Watlow’s chief technology officer, Dr. Ashish Bhatnagar, added: “We take great pride in our investment in research and development of advanced materials in the St. Louis area, which will pave the way for numerous high-tech job opportunities.”

    “The Ceramic Technology Center will stand as a cornerstone for our semiconductor and other business units’ growth strategy. This facility will empower us to explore and innovate with cutting-edge materials, offering high-value solutions to our customers on a global scale,” Dr. Bhatnagar explained.

    Government support

    Watlow received support from several government programs to support its efforts to attract new jobs and build the infrastructure for its new Ceramic Technology Center., including a $740,000 grant from the Jordan Valley Innovation Center to offset the cost of machinery and equipment. Additionally, Watlow will benefit from the Missouri Department of Economic Development’s Missouri Works program and Missouri One Start division. The Missouri Works program is a tool that helps companies expand and retain workers by providing access to capital through withholdings or tax credits for job creation. Additionally, Missouri One Start Division assists eligible businesses with their recruitment and training needs.

    About Watlow

    Watlow is a global industrial technology company that uses its world-class engineering expertise, advanced thermal systems and manufacturing excellence to enrich everyday life.

    Many of the world’s leading companies leverage Watlow’s technologies in vital applications such as semiconductor processing, environmentally friendly energy solutions and lifesaving medical and clinical equipment, to name a few.

    Founded in 1922, Watlow’s culture is driven by its mission of “Enriching Lives Through Inspired Innovation,” enabling the company to deliver high-impact solutions that improve its customers’ competitive advantage.

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    Click on Watlow® Opens New Ceramic Technology Center In St. Louis to Develop Advanced Material Solutions for Thermal Management Systems  to see original announcement.

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    New Watlow® Ceramic Technology Center will develop advanced thermal management solutions

    Ceramics-based heaters from Watlow®, such as the ULTRAMIC® range, are designed for high performance thermal applications that require non-contaminating heat sources, high geometric stability and electrical isolation and superior chemical resistance.

    New Watlow® Ceramic Technology Center will develop advanced thermal management solutions
    New Watlow® Ceramic Technology Center will develop advanced thermal management solutions

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