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    Watlow is a leading provider of electrification solutions for equipment that utilizes thermal processes.

    Our solutions help to improve the efficiency and sustainability of pharmaceutical and biotech processes while ensuring compliance with GMP regulations.

    At Watlow®, we are committed to helping end users and OEMs achieve the thermal reaction they need from the process while creating more confidence in their digitalization journey to obtain compliance, safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

    Key Acquisition

    The acquisition of Eurotherm® by Watlow was completed on October 31, 2022. The combined know how and offerings provide greater opportunities in regions and across industries, that might not have been so easy to reach for one or the other previously. The two companies’ technologies and vision make sense, both within the organization and to their customers.

    Eurotherm are well established for their deep domain experience in life sciences. It was clear from the start, that Watlow intended that Eurotherm remain a premier brand for temperature, power control and data acquisition, adding to their strength and global reach.

    Capabilities, applications and compliance

    In addition to electrification solutions for thermal equipment Watlow also serve laboratories by providing Industry 4.0 solutions for data analytics, data integrity, and sustainability.

    Our Eurotherm Digital Fume Hood VAV kit simplifies compliance with laboratory regulations through digitization, optimizing energy consumption, and ensuring the operator’s safety.

    We offer Eurotherm Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) that help our customers comply with various FDA regulations, EudraLex Volume 4 (including Annex 1 and Annex 11), and Good Practice guidelines.

    Our range of Watlow Digital Engineered Solutions (DES) identifies critical process parameters and provides the required technology to fulfill specification requirements, starting from and in compliance with regulations, quality by design, process analytical technology (PAT), and risk management principles.

    Our DES can assist in achieving manufacturing efficiencies through better project execution, error-free documentation, life-cycle optimization, early detection of process incongruence, control configuration, and knowledge reuse.

    Watlow provides medical and clinical diagnostic equipment manufacturers with heaters that enable exceptional thermal performance.

    Watlow designs heaters and thermal subassemblies to incubate cultures, add warm humidity to respiratory equipment, heat fluids before injection into the body, stabilize equipment performance, enhance surgical procedures, sterilize instruments, sterilize vials, lyophilize active ingredients, and produce pharma grade Water for Injection (WFI), Pure Water (PW), and Sterile Steam.

    Quality, Regulatory compliance and Standards

    We care about improving patient safety and process sustainability, which motivates us to help record contextualized data and control processes, in compliance with regulations. Our solutions help Life Sciences business to comply with relevant regulations and standards, including GxP regulations, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures), EudraLex GMP Annex 11 (Computerized Systems).

    We understand the challenges of working within a regulatory framework and the importance of a modular science-based approach. We embed quality by design in pharmaceutical development into our process development phases. Through Plug-and-Produce modular solutions, we help to assemble contextualized data to generate exception reports and provide ‘prior knowledge’ to feed lab, thermal equipment, and enterprise dashboards.

    Our digital engineered solutions follow the Quality Lifecycle suggested by ICH Q8: Identify Critical Process Parameters, Risk Management, Good Engineering Practice (GEP) and Qualification.

    We understand that enhanced regulatory requirements demand that GxP critical records comply with the ALCOA+ concept to maintain data integrity. That’s why critical thinking is embedded in our solutions to manage data integrity risks, supporting product quality and patient safety.

    Our heaters are engineered for reliability and compliance with mechanical and electrical isolation requirements and commonly include onboard monitors and safety limit controllers.

    How to Meet Data Integrity ALCOA+ Principles White Paper

    Proof that pharmaceutical ingredients and products have been made correctly and are safe to use is reliant on trustable data from the manufacturing process and its supply chain. Learn more in this white paper…



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    Address: European Headquarters: Watlow Plasmatech GmbH, Brennhoflehen-Kellau 156, 5431 Kuchl, Austria
    Telephone No: +43 6244 201 29-0
    Email Address: [email protected]
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