Warm High (WH) Irreversible Temperature Indicators

Warm High (WH) Irreversible Temperature Indicators

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IntroTech’s range of irreversible temperature indicators can be attached as labels to temperature sensitive goods to provide a permanent record of any warm or high excursions.

The Warm High (WH) indicators are based on proprietary color change technology to provide a clear and simple temperature monitoring system.

Intro Tech Irreversible WH indicators give users the power to know whether their goods were subjected to unacceptable temperatures – and by how much.


The Warm High labels consist of a series of temperature-sensitive elements sealed between heat-resistant substrates with a transparent window. Each element distinctly changes color from silver to black as its rated temperature is reached or exceeded.

The compact self-adhesive indicators are sized 12 x 13 mm and can be easily attached like labels to any sensitive product. They are both oil and water-resistant.


IntroTech’s Warm-High Irreversible Temperature Indicator uses temperature-sensitive elements: phase-change indicators that use the sharply defined melting points of a series of specially purified organic chemicals to produce a series of unique, high precision, color change effects. Each temperature element uses a different chemical compound and is made separately by applying a coating containing the chemical to a special absorptive paper substrate. Up to ten elements can be combined together on a single label.

When the rated temperature is exceeded, the chemical melts and is absorbed by the substrate, causing a permanent color change. The Warm-High Irreversible Indicator is available to cover a wide range of temperatures from 29°C to 290°C (see Technical Specifications below).


Irreversible Warm High Temperature Indicatorsfrom IntroTechprovide an ideal solution to safeguard temperature-controlled products: aclear, simple and reliable one-time label that can be quickly and securely attached to each product to protect it on its journey. When removed, the labels will not delaminate, which means they can then be attached to inspection report to provide permanent verification following shipment or storage.

User benefits include:

  • Inexpensive and Easy to Use
  • Immediate Warm-High Response
  • Clear Readings
  • Easy attachment and removal
  • Compact
  • Robust

Custom label sizes are also available:


  • Standard Warm-High label dimensions: 12x13mm
  • Oil, water and steam resistant
  • Self-Adhesive labels
  • Immediate response
  • Accuracy tolerances:
    • +/- 1°C (under 100°C) is
    • +/- 1.5°C (100°C to 154°C)
    • +/- 4° (> 154°C)


    Available Warm-High temperature ranges (Degrees Celsius)


    29 33 34 37 40 42 43 44 46 49 54 60
    62 65 66 71 77 80 82 88 93 99
    104 110 116 121 127 132 138 143 149 154
    160 166 171 177 182 188 193 199 204 210
    216 224 232 241 249 254 260 280 290



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Irreversible Warm High Temperature Indicators from IntroTech

Irreversible Warm High Temperature Indicators from IntroTech

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