K1 electronic temperature indicator

K1 electronic temperature indicator

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In the modern pharma and biotech world, values and sensitivity of temperature-controlled products are constantly rising. Now a single wrong call on acceptance or rejection can cost many thousands of dollars. IntroTech’s K1 electronic temperature indicator allows cold-chain logistics managers to get it first time right, all the time.

Go/No Go

The K1 indicator from Cryopak uses leading-edge technologies to provide instant confirmation on how well products have been transported and stored within their allocated time and temperature limits.

It gives the busy cold chain decision maker a priceless Go/No-Go capability – the ability to accept or reject consignments at any stage of the cold chain, based on a quick look at the K1. Bright flashing green OK indicator means the goods are still safe. A red alarm indicator means they’ve been exposed to temperature excursion, either too high (warm/high indicator) or too low (frost indicator).

Customized alarm criteria

The K1 multi-adjustable alarm can be precisely tailored to particular needs. Adjustments include:

  • Start delay: giving time for goods to be moved into cold chain
  • Ascending or descending alarm thresholds: tailored for threshold and never exceeds warm point or cold point
  • Cumulative alarm delay: varying time that goods are spent outside permitted temperatures before alarm is triggered. Can be set to customer requirements, to protect insulated consignments

Robust and reliable

The K1 indicator is more accurate than chemical indicators. The unit is totally sealed and moisture proof and is warranted for 24 months from initial calibration. The unit is powered by a 3-volt coin battery (not user replaceable) with a shelf life of two years and service life of up to 18 months. Each unit is fully traceable to EAN 128 standards with a rear label specifying product code and serial number plus barcode.

Key functions and benefits

Features of the K1 Indicator include:

  • Multifunction LEDs indicating a wide range of conditions
  • Preprogrammed to customer specifications
  • Single or dual alarm options
  • Start and Stop functions
  • Optional start delay for climate acclamation
  • CE compliant
  • Long battery life
  • Contained in waterproof pouch
  • Non-stop monitoring
  • Two LEDs provide instant OK/Alarm status


The K1 indicator offers a series of clear user benefits:

  1. Accuracy: Better than 0.5 °C
  2. Reliable: : Each K1 is tested individually before leaving the factory
  3. User-friendly: : Everyone can easily use the K1 and also make decisions at a glance
  4. Versatility: : Pre-programmable to suit a wide range of temperature control needs
  5. Economy: : Low unit price makes the K1 highly cost effective


    Description Details
    Product Code K1-1
    Alarm thresholds K1-1 One Temperature threshold
    K1-2 Two Temperature thresholds
    Sensor Internal
    Temperature Range -40˚C to +80˚C (-40˚F to +176˚F)/td>
    Sensor Response Time T90 of 5 minutes in moving air
    Sensor Location Internal
    Preprogram Option Factory programmed
    Start Option Push button
    Stop Option Push button
    Size 40x50x3mm (with sleeve)
    Weight 6 grams
    Case Material Plastic sleeve
    Battery 3.0V
    IP Rating IP 67
    Accuracy Better than ±0.5 ˚C
    Certification ISO9001:2008, RoHS



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K1 Temperature Indicator

K1 Temperature Indicator

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