Pharmaceutical freezing in transit solutions

Pharmaceutical freezing in transit solutions

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In cold chain storage and shipping, sometimes too cold is as bad as too warm. Pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, medicines and biotech products, are all at particular risk of being damaged through accidental freezing in transit or at the warehouse.

IntroTech’s 3M Freeze Watch™ Indicators are ideal for monitoring sensitive pharma products and detecting exposure to sub-zero conditions.


The patented Freeze Watch™ design consists of a highly sensitive indicating liquid inside a special ampule designed to fracture when the lower temperature limit is breached. This releases a liquid dye that indelibly stains the backing paper behind the ampule. Now the user can see at a glance whether the tagged product has been exposed to unacceptable temperatures, allowing product quality testing to be performed.

A pressure sensitive adhesive pad on the rear of the Freeze Watch allows the indicator to be applied direct to goods to be monitored.

Freeze Watch indicators can be stored at between 5° and 32°C (41°to 90°F) and at up to 60% relative humidity for up to three years before use (30 months for the 9805FW model).

Product range

IntroTech can supply two models of Freeze Watch Indicators to accommodate differing product sensitivities.

Catalog Ref. Product Activation Temp. PDF Info
9800FW 3M™ Freeze Watch™ Indicator 9800FW -4°C (25°F) Download 9800FW
9805FW 3M™ Freeze Watch™ Indicator 9805FW 0°C (32°F) Download 9805FW



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