Vaisala hosting GxP temperature mapping and calibration seminars

Vaisala hosting GxP temperature mapping and calibration seminars

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OCTOBER 09, 2015

Birmingham, UK-: Instrumentation and data monitoring specialist, Vaisala Ltd., will organize two free seminars in late October to explore the GxP implications of temperature mapping and calibration.

Vaisala Ltd., the UK arm of the Finnish-based world leader in environmental monitoring, Vaisala Oyj, will host the knowledge-sharing seminars at its Birmingham headquarters on October 28 and October 29.

Vaisala’s senior regulatory compliance expert, Paul Daniel, will lead both seminars, drawing on his extensive experience in pharmaceutical validation.

cGMP temperature mapping

The October 28 seminar will give Life Science industry professionals latest insights into the implications of “Temperature Mapping in GMP Environments”. The seminar includes a practical workshop guiding participants through the best process for temperature mapping a GxP-regulated working chamber and warehouse.

The seminar is designed for anyone dealing with measurement or monitoring in regulated life science environments, including engineers, technicians and managers working in quality assurance, validation and regulation.

“By the end of this seminar, we would like participants to be able to make more informed decisions about their mapping processes, with all the risks in mind,” said Vaisala’s UK Life Science Sales Manager, Stefan Danyliw.

“They will also be able to complete our nine steps to mapping a space based on sound decisions and real-life experiences, while documenting the process to comply with GxP requirements,” Mr. Danyliw added.

Measurement and calibration

The second seminar, “Calibration for Life Sciences”, on October 29, will allow life sciences professionals to understand the full implications of measurement and calibration processes on GxP compliance.

The seminar is aimed at decision-makers, rather than technicians, reaching out to an audience of quality, validation, regulation and assurance engineers, technicians and managers who deal with measuring or calibration in regulated life science environments.
“Our goal for the calibration seminar is to communicate the important concepts while avoiding the maths,” said Danyliw.

“We’ve designed a fun day of exploration, to see how our knowledge of calibration can simplify decision making and save time while avoiding common misunderstandings about calibration. So we’ll be looking at topics like the reasons why we measure and calibrate, what the regulators expect us to know and do, as well as exploring the ‘known unknowns’ – doing interactive experiments to understand the uncertainty principle, which is a central but widely misunderstood concept in calibration,” he explained.


Lunch and refreshments are provided at both seminars with places allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis. Vaisala will accept registration applications up to October 26, provided places are still available.

“We are not making any charge for these seminars. All we ask is that if you reserve a place, you do actually attend!” said Mr. Danyliw.

About Vaisala

Vaisala is a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement. Since its foundation in the 1930s, Vaisala has amassed unparalleled knowledge and expertise in providing a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services for weather-related, industrial and life sciences markets.

Vaisala’s mission is to help its customers ensure operational quality, reduce risk, increase productivity and achieve energy savings through precise and reliable measurement and monitoring.

For the life sciences industries, Vaisala’s Controlled Environment division provides a wide portfolio of offerings, including monitoring systems, measuring instruments, data loggers, and services.

Many life science customers, including pharmaceutical, biotechnical, medical device and drug distribution companies, rely on Vaisala monitoring systems for continuous environmental data, records, reports and alarms that allow companies and organizations to operate in demanding research, production, and storage areas while complying with tight authority regulation.

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Stefan Danyliw, Life Science Sales Manager, Vaisala UK
Tel: +44 (0)121 683 5620


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