Towards Pharma 4.0 with Körber Lion.Suite

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March 18th 2022

Körber’s Lion pharma line management system (LMS) can play a key role in helping pharmaceutical companies transition towards the Pharma 4.0 vision of full digitally integrated pharma manufacturing with its capabilities for automated and optimized workflows guided by augmented reality (AR) pharma manufacturing visualization.

These are advanced solutions to the challenges confronting the pharma industry including product individualization, format changes, line clearance, and fully integrated workflows.

Pharma 4.0: Line-Optimization and Guided Workflows

Digitization is a key challenge for pharmaceutical industry, especially in GMP pharma manufacturing environments with their emphasis on full audit trails.

The key process challenges are in transforming the efficiencies of pharma format changes and line clearance. These are all addressed by trends like the Smart Factory, the Industrial Internet of Things (lloT), and an Industry 4.0 pharma version (dubbed Pharma 4.0). But these all need to be correctly understood and methodically applied.

Körber’s digitization experts can provide practical answers to these theoretical questions, accompanying clients from initial vison to a practical digitization strategy, working with practitioners on specific and tailored implementation with ongoing support.

Many years of accumulated pharmaceutical expertise has enabled Körber to develop modern approaches that can be implemented to respect regulatory guidelines in GMP environments.

Lion.Suite: Reliably configuring and controlling production lines

Smooth connectivity between your machines and to other systems is a precondition for reliable and secure pharmaceutical production. Lion.Suite. from Körber provides a set of harmonized interfaces for all machines and components that enables pharma manufacturers to set new standards, shape and control quality-related processes, and optimize the effectiveness of their production lines by harmonizing machine data on all IT levels.

Lion.Suite can be used for particular production locations or throughout the entire company for ultimate efficiencies and enabling seamless integration of all production-related systems.

Lion.Suite. can be adapted to a wide range of different pharmaceutical production lines, from filling and packaging to use in biotechnology facilities. Users can create a solution that is perfectly adapted to their specific needs by selecting functions from Lion’s various application modules:

  • Lion.Connect. for IT integration: Lion.Connect. provides the basic IT architecture for Lion, enabling users to adjust the interfaces between their pharmaceutical machines and the production software. Lion.Connect. operates in the background and makes data exchanges possible between different production-related systems.
  • Lion.Manage. for line optimization: The Lion.Manage. platform builds on the interfaces of Lion.Connect. to enable operators to control an entire production line from any machine or location, providing a single Human Machine Interface (HMI) that applies across the whole process. This greatly speeds and simplifies both overall control as well as operator training. It also provides a visualization solution that makes machine data visible on the line. Lion.Manage. can also facilitate data transfer to MES solutions or other local data systems.
  • Lion.Execute. for guided workflows: In conventional setups, operators must be trained for each machine they are supposed to work on. With Lion.Execute, employees can be trained using a technique based on pharma AR simulation, rather than an actual machine. Later, the same workflow can be used for execution at the equipment on the shop floor. Digitally guided workflows such as format changes or line clearance in pharmacan be shown on any browser-compatible device or as augmented reality using the Microsoft HoloLens© 2. This allows them to be carried out in parallel and passed on to other operators without problems, at shift change, etc. The user guidance prevents any process steps from being inadvertently left out. This avoids errors, leading to an increase of up to 30% in machine availability. Furthermore, use of Lion.Execute. reduces familiarization times, lowers training costs, and the use of resources.

Scalable for every use case

The various modules are freely configurable. Regulatory-controlled line reconfigurations or pharma format changes are carried out efficiently and flawlessly thanks to guided processes, with pharma augmented reality (pharma AR) also available as an option. Lion.Suite. easily enables manufacturers to handle future implementations, at individual locations or throughout the company, without problems.

Körber customers can also use Lion. technology to seamlessly control and document quality-relevant processes in pharma manufacturing. Other Lion.Suite. benefits include:

  • Standard interfaces: Supports data integrity between various systems with coordinated machine interfaces based on latest industry standards
  • Efficient processes: Reduced cost and effort needed for the implementation and maintenance of production lines
  • Enhanced product quality assurance through digital step-by-step instructions and automated documentation
  • Device independency: through browser-based system, tablets, smartphones, Microsoft Hololens©
  • Operator enablement: Fast system introduction for new machine operators through unitary operation of an entire line and the use of pharma augmented reality for efficient drug production
  • Monitoring: Simple and structured overview of all relevant line parameters (such as OEE) as well as machines and associated alarms.


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The value of simplicity

How Pharma Consulting can deliver industry leading consultancy support from requirement analysis to project implementation

Towards Pharma 4.0 with Körber Lion.Suite

A configurable workflow in Lion.Design, featuring a combination of Lion.Connect. interfaces and Lion.Manage. Körber Lion.Suite. LMS enables control of an entire production line from any machine or location, via a single integrated Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Towards Pharma 4.0 with Körber Lion.Suite

Körber’s Lion.Suite. enables pharma manufacturers to optimize the effectiveness of their production lines by harmonizing machine data on all IT levels, from individual machines right the way up to the entire enterprise for ultimate seamless integration of all production-related systems.

Towards Pharma 4.0 with Körber Lion.Suite

Körber Lion.Suite. LMS offers advanced AR augmented reality visualization for error free processes and remote training and control.