The Pallet Shipper Frizbox

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The Pallet Shipper Frizbox

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The Pallet Shipper Frizbox

The Pallet Shipper Frizbox is the ideal packaging solution for large quantities and long transit times (up to 120 hours).

The Pallet Shipper Frizbox

The Pallet Shipper Frizbox® allows you to send your products throughout the world, by air, sea or non refrigerated lorry.

Frizbox® refrigerated packaging is sturdy, efficient and ergonomic. Its external and internal dimensions have been fully optimised. It can have a top or front opening.

We can adapt the Frizbox® container to your requirements (internal layout, size, options). Your insulated or refrigerated packaging will be designed to ensure ease of product loading.

Duration : 1 to 5 days
Temperature : +2/+8°C (36°F/46°F), +2/+25°C (36°F/77°F) and down to -45°C (-49°F)
Capacity : 100 L to 3,000 L

The Pallet Shipper Frizbox exists in an XXL size to optimise air freighting. The Pallet Shipper Frizbox® XXL is a box that can transport 1,500l of health products for more than 96 hours at a controlled temperature (2°C-8°C). The dimensions of our standard XXL version match those of a quarter aircraft platform: therefore, this packaging product is ideally suited to air freighting.

The Pallet Shipper Frizbox is also available as a VIP range for a greater temperature resistance. If you are required to transport large quantities of pharmaceutical, biotechnological or food products in extreme conditions: major temperature fluctuations, areas that are not easily accessible, extremely long transit times etc. Our VIP range has been designed with these constraints in mind.

We have designed the Vacuum Insulated Panel (VIP) that can be incorporated into Frizbox® insulated packaging products. Using the same source of cold as another packaging product, this insulation provides greater autonomy than polyurethane. For more information about The Pallet Shipper Frizbox or other services contact us directly.

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