Sofrigam cool chain small batch logistics solutions

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February 23rd 2021

Sofrigam has developed a wide range of temperature controlled and insulated boxes for transporting small batches of  temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and biotech products within international cool chain shipping networks or on point-to-point consignments.

These solutions include insulated cardboard boxes, cool chain shippers, and temperature controlled boxes for medicines and vaccines.

Sofrigam’s cool shipping boxes and cold chain delivery solutions incorporate leading edge insulation materials and advanced cooling technologies.

Small batch cool chain packaging

Specific solutions include:

Elite Cubic: a range of reusable, high performing cold chain delivery boxes adapted to logistic circuits that encounter hostile climatic conditions. These robust and durable insulated packaging shippers with outer coatings in polypropylene or cardboard offer unequalled thermal control and mechanical protection due to their SoVIP+ anti-shock and anti-perforation technology. This unique technology guarantees thermic performance even after being subjected to exterior shocks. Elite Cubic cold chain boxes are designed for repeated re-use with washable insulated panels and replaceable eutectic gel cooling media.

Initial Freight Forwarding: single-use temperature-controlled shipping boxes with excellent thermal insulation that are ideal for long-distance shipping applications. The light and maximized Initial carton design offers an excellent occupancy capacity ratio as well as a reduced volume weight to minimize transport costs. This is also a sustainable solution certified for more than 70% of the packaging components from certified FSC sources and recycled fibres.

Initial Express: a range of single-use insulated boxes designed to guarantee the maintenance of the cold chain during transport over 24 to 48 hour durations. Economic and light, these offer a very high occupancy ratios allied to low cost and greater sustainability.

iBox: This semi-active refrigerated cold chain container incorporates smart solutions to maintain the integrity of high-value temperature-sensitive products. The iBox shipping cooler box uses unique patented thermal regulation technology inspired by NASA solutions for space flight, along with a digital temperature traceability system to ensure absolute integrity of the cold chain with temperatures are monitored throughout transportation. This smart ‘chillbox’ is able to maintain internal load temperature +5°C for up to 120 hours, regardless of exterior climatic conditions. The lockable box also provides very high physical security.

Clinibox: an insulated single-use packaging range certified UN3373 for transporting small batch high security delicate products such as Category B biological materials, clinical trials test, diagnostic and biological samples and other very sensitive products. Clinibox packaging uses active refrigerant combined with excellent thermal protection and is equipped with all the necessary accessories such as the 95Kpa absorbent pouch for secure contained shipment of  biological substances.


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Sofrigam cool chain small batch logistics solutions

Sofrigam Clinibox ensures security and conformity of Category B biological products to be transported at controlled temperature

Sofrigam cool chain small batch logistics solutions

Sofrigam iBox provides high security semi-active refrigerated and smart solution, backed up by digital data logger, for transporting high-value temperature-sensitive products

Sofrigam cool chain small batch logistics solutions

Elite Cubic incorporates SoVIP+ panels for high thermal insulation combined with protection against shock and perforation

Sofrigam cool chain small batch logistics solutions

Initial Freight Forwarding single-use temperature-controlled shipping boxes combine light weight with excellent occupancy capacity ratio and FSC certified materials to offer high efficiency and enhanced sustainability