Sofrigam Official Sponsors of The Cold Chain Days

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Sofrigam Official Sponsors of The Cold Chain Days

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Supplier Press Release: Sofrigam Official Sponsors of The Cold Chain Days
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MARCH 26, 2013

Sofrigam Official Sponsors of The Cold Chain Days

Sofrigam, the specialist designer and manufacturer of insulated and refrigerated packaging for the pharmaceutical industry was official sponsor of The Association Française du Froid (AFF) and the Société française des sciences et techniques pharmaceutiques (SFSTP) organised Cold Chain Days event held at the Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon in November.

The 3rd edition of the event, hosted official organizations alongside professionals from the pharmaceutical, refrigeration, transport, logistics and packaging worlds and allowed open discussions on the work carried out on the cold chain dynamics as applied to health products and on new outlooks for this field.

Sofrigam’s CEO, member of the AFF/SFSTP scientific community and chairman of the Health Product Sustainable Development and cold chain committee, Gilles Labranque co-presented the morning of the 22nd November dedicated to sustainable development and the carbon footprint of heat-sensitive health products.

Speaking regarding the success of the event, Gilles Labranque commented: “This event was very successful it allowed us to showcase our new insulated packaging solutions for the cold chain transport of your pharmaceutical products.”

About Sofrigam
French company, Sofrigam was founded in 1979 by an industrial pharmacist. The company developed a range of eutectic painkiller doses before specializing in the design and manufacture of insulated and refrigerated packaging. Sofrigam offer solutions for the cold chain consignment problems experienced by the pharmaceutical industry. It offers a range of standard and made-to-measure cooling packaging products as well as customized services designed to achieve a secure, cost effective and ecological cold chain logistic.

For more information or to discuss the Cold Chain Days exhibition please contact us directly.

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