Sofrigam launches flat-pack XXL pallet shipper at Cool Chain Europe

Sofrigam launches flat-pack XXL pallet shipper at Cool Chain Europe

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JANUARY 06, 2015

Monchy-le-Preux, France: – Cool chain packaging specialist Sofrigam has welcomed the New Year by releasing a new flat pack version of its extra large XXL Pallet Shipper in a bid to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for its clients.

Sofrigam will exhibit the new XXL Pallet Shipper for the first time on its stand at the Cool Chain Europe event in Frankfurt later this month. Sofrigam will also use the event to showcase its new standard range of products for 2015.

TCO is a key indicator for the purchase of insulated packaging solutions. Close to half the companies in the pharmaceuticals industry are endeavoring to reduce the overall costs of cold chain logistics, looking for packaging solutions that guarantee controlled temperature while also:

  • Optimizing the volume of products dispatched
  • Reducing transport costs
  • Minimizing labor costs and preparation time

Lower TCO

Sofrigam’s flat-packed XXL Pallet Shipper is a collapsible extra large pallet conformable insulated box that provides an effective response to these requirements.

This new release closely follows Sofrigam’s revolutionary large volume cool chain container, the XXL Pallet Shipper Frizbox®, an insulated solution adapted to conform to airfreight pallet dimensions and designed to revolutionize the transport of temperature-controlled products.

Now the flat-packed version of the XXL Pallet Shipper takes the concept a stage further by optimizing the shipping of large quantities of products and reducing TCO all along the cold chain logistics pipeline.

Bulk logistics tool

“The flat pack XXL Pallet Shipper is the result of months of research and development,” said Sofrigam Marketing Director, Laetitia Perche.

“Every day, when dispatching millions of heat-sensitive products around the world, pharmaceutical laboratories are confronted by ever-more stringent regulations, increasingly large quantities to be transported, mounting logistical costs, the growing burden of insurance schemes… the list is almost endless,” she added.

“We believe this new cold chain shipping container will be the perfect answer to many of these requirements for life science companies shipping in bulk,” commented Ms. Perche.

As a packaging solution, the XXL Pallet Shipper has six key advantages:

  • Inexpensive: the flat pack form enables more containers to be delivered in a given consignment while reducing the costs of supplying production sites.
  • Lightweight and compact: because the XXL Pallet Shipper is supplied flat, three times as many can form a standard truckload compared with pre-assembled pallet boxes (48 boxes in flat pack form compared with 17 pre-assembled), while twice as many can be carried on an air freight platform (8 flat boxes as against 4 pre-assembled).
  • Robust: this is an essential criterion for an insulated shipper intended for carrying products many miles throughout the world. It may be light in weight, but the Pallet Shipper is solidly constructed.
  • Easy and quick to assemble: this is the only temperature-controlled shipping container on the market that can be assembled by a single person in less than five minutes.
  • Safe: Compare to other flat-packed solutions, Sofrigam’s XXL Pallet Shipper allows heat-sensitive products to be directly loaded into the box pallet avoiding any interruption in the cold chain.
  • Highly efficient: the Pallet Shipper is manufactured from polyurethane, the most efficient insulating material available and is capable of withstanding any interruption to the cold chain for up to 96 hours under conditions defined by AFNOR and for up to 144 hours in conditions defined by ISTA 7E.

Advance preview in Frankfurt

“We will be offering an advance preview of the XXL Pallet Shipper at the IQPC Cool Chain Europe trade fair in Frankfurt later this month and believe it already forms one of the year’s most significant innovations for the cool chain sector, “ said Laetitia Perche.

About Sofrigam

French company, Sofrigam S.A. designs and manufactures cool chain pharmaceutical shipping solutions and insulated boxes for the life sciences industries as well as for distribution and logistics companies.

The company was founded in 1979 by an industrial pharmacist and initially developed eutectic painkillers before specializing in the design and manufacture of insulated and refrigerated packaging, including pre-qualified insulated shipping solutions. The company is headquartered in Ile-de-France with a production site at Arras.

Sofrigam offer solutions for the cold chain logistic problems experienced by the pharmaceutical industry. It offers a range of standard and made-to-measure thermal packaging products as well as customized services designed to achieve secure, cost effective and ecological cold chain logistics.

Sofrigam has become one of Europe’s leading cold chain specialists, sharing its expertise via seminars, publications and R&D collaborations. It also offers customized products and services designed to achieve cold logistics that are secure, cost-effective and comprehensively compliant.

Sofrigam partners with Ater Métrologie, a French-based ISTA and ISO 9001 certified laboratory that specializes in testing, validating and pre-qualifying temperature-controlled packaging and cooling systems. The laboratory carries out some 2,000 tests each year.

About Cool Chain Europe

The 14th annual Cool Chain & Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe conference will take place at the Messe Frankfurt Venue, in Frankfurt am Main on January 26-29, 2015.

Over more than a decade, the Cool Chain Europe conference has steadily grown to become a milestone event for logistics and supply chain professionals within the life science industries, currently attracting some 400 participants and more than 50 sponsors and speakers, making it Europe’s largest cold chain event.

The conference combines focused, technical workshops and strategic presentations with an industry exhibition and highly developed networking platforms.

The 2015 programme will feature themes and topics that include cost-effective GDP compliance, end-to-end supply chain integrity, international and emerging market strategy and supply chain network and distribution design.

Sofrigam is one of the main sponsors of the 2015 Cool Chain Europe event, which is organized by IQPC.

Media Contact

Vanessa Dinclaux, Communication Officer, Sofrigam SA
Tel: +33 (0) 1 46 69 85 02


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