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Sofrigam emphasizing GDP compliance in cool chain at CSS Amsterdam

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March 18th 2019

Rueil Malmaison, France: – Temperature-controlled logistics and pharmaceutical cold chain packaging specialist Sofrigam S.A. will be a principal sponsor and prominent presence at the upcoming Cool Supply Systems & Solutions conference in Amsterdam.

Sofrigam will present its insulated shipping and packaging solutions to this pharmaceutical cold chain conference, with particular emphasis on temperature management, traceability, risk control and Good Distribution Practice (GDP) regulatory compliance.

Insulated packaging solutions

The Sofrigam display at Stand 15 in the exhibition zone at the Steigenberger Schiphol Airport Hotel will showcase the company’s wide range of insulated shipping packaging solutions, from bags to Pallet Shippers, to secure the cold chain shipping of medicines and ensure conformity of production with delivery to end-user. A strong Sofrigam team will also be on hand to discuss visitors’ specialised medicine shipping issues.

The conference agenda will focus on Good Distribution Practices of medicines, with temperature compliance an increasingly essential condition for ensuring the integrity of medicines that need to be maintained under specific environmental conditions.

GDP complexities

“The complexity of the logistical circuit, risks during shipping, lack of adequate infrastructure, etc. can compromise the pharmaceutical products being shipped,” commented Sofrigam Sales Manager Alain Schuerwegen, who will lead the Sofrigam team in Amsterdam.

“Even by effectively anticipating the risks during transportation, shipping conditions are never entirely transparent. This is why it is essential to choose a high performance insulated shipping packaging solution,” Mr. Schuerwegen explained.

“While we know that all pharmaceutical manufacturers are subject to GDP compliance that can be subject to interpretation. How to ship in accordance with GDP? What criteria to request at the time of writing the specifications for your choice of insulated packaging? How can you ensure the insulated shipping packaging solution used complies with GDP requirements? Given the increasingly precise shipping regulations for medicines, these questions need to be answered and our experts at the CSS conference will be there to help do just that,” he added.

Ensuring security

Sofrigam has designed and manufactured insulated packaging which responds to the regulatory and environmental logistical constraints for the cold chain transportation of healthcare products for more than 40 years. In addition to maintaining constant temperatures guaranteed by the tests and qualifications performed in the thermal testing laboratory, in accordance with international standards (Afnor NF S99-700, ISTA, WHO), Sofrigam packaging solutions ensure the security of the shipped products before and after transport.

In Amsterdam, Sofrigam will show how it studies the ergonomics of packaging to minimize risks of breaks in the cold chain during the product loading and unloading phases. The accessories and preparation protocol for the packaging solutions also prevent any risk of freezing during transportation.

Further it will show potential to minimize logistical costs via reduced weight and optimised external size/payload ratios that reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) in cold chain logistics.

About Sofrigam

With over 40 years of experience, Sofrigam provide a comprehensive portfolio of innovative packaging and related solutions that allow pharmaceutical and other clients to optimize their temperature-controlled logistic chains.

From its French roots, Sofrigam has become a global company, operating in the USA, Canada, UK and across Europe, with manufacturing centers in North America and Europe.

Sofrigam manufactures a range of standard and made-to-measure thermal packaging products, including cartons, cases, bags and pouches that cover every step in the cool chain, from manufacturer to end-user.

It also offers customized services designed to achieve secure, cost effective and ecological cold chain logistics in shipping, storage and packaging.

Sofrigam Services accompany clients through every step of the logistics chain while prioritizing safety of goods and reducing costs. Advanced software and other solutions allow clients to audit their cold chains, monitor shipments, analyze logistics lanes, manage Inventory and optimize ordering.

Sofrigam can also deliver best Time to Market through thermal simulation equipment combined with its ‘cut & glue’ customization process that gives customers the ability to adapt any catalog product to its own needs with development time reduced to as little as 15 days.

About CSS 2019

The annual Cool Supply System & Solutions (CSS) conference focuses on temperature controlled distribution with particular reference to regulatory compliance and was recently voted ‘the most important Pharma GDP conference globally’.

The 8th CSS conference is a two-day event that opens March 21 at the Steigenberger Schiphol Airport Hotel in Amsterdam. The 2019 conference will attract delegates representing the top 100 Pharma and Biopharma companies and will focus on key topics that include:

  • Direct Benchmarking: identifying key weakness and blind points within the pharma logistics chain.
  • Importance of key compliance changes in Serialisation, GDP Audits, IATA, FDA , etc.
  • Emerging trends in thermal packaging, cold chain validation, passive V active in relation to cost and reducing deviation.

The event is organized by Business Dialogue with further information at:

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