Sofrigam bringing New Thermal Science to Cool Chain Europe 2014

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Sofrigam bringing New Thermal Science to Cool Chain Europe 2014

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Supplier Press Release: Sofrigam bringing New Thermal Science to Cool Chain Europe 2014
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JANUARY 15, 2014

Sofrigam bringing New Thermal Science to Cool Chain Europe 2014

Luxembourg: – Gilles Labranque, Chief Executive of French cold chain shipping specialist Sofrigam S.A., will bring new insights on key scientific advances in thermal controlled logistics to this month’s Cool Chain Europe conference.

M. Labranque, who is also chairman of Sofrigam, will present a Day Two conference session on ‘Using Science to Improve Future Cold Chain Shipping Solutions’ that will explore a total engineering systems approach to temperature controlled shipments. This will include recent pioneering work on developing new computer modelling software to support a continuous improvement system, reduce time-to-market and increase container efficiency.

The session will also hear from Frédéric Kuznik, Researcher at the Lyon Thermal Sciences Centre (CETHIL), which is a Sofrigam Research Partner.

Sofrigam has become a regular exhibitor at Cool Chain Europe, it is a key event for the international logistics, pharma and biotech industries. Gilles Labranque said he had important messages to bring to the 2014 event, which will take place in Luxembourg on January 27-29.

“Each year, pharma and biotech companies ship millions of thermo-sensitive products that are very expensive and very sensitive to temperature fluctuations,” said M. Labranque.

Scientific Approach
“Not only do they need the best cold chain packaging to ensure that the products are shipped safely but they also need to be aware of the importance of finding solutions that are correctly adapted to their logistics constraints.

“The best value solution is not necessarily the one with the lowest price but the one that works best within the logistics system being used. The major costs in temperature controlled shipping are not the packaging so much as the handling time and complexity involved and the penalties of failure when temperature control fails,” M. Labranque noted.

“That is why a more scientific and engineered approach to cold chain logistics is long overdue,” the Sofrigam CEO added.

Sofrigam will exhibit the iBox, its new insulated cold chain shipping container, as well as a range of other pre-qualified insulated shipping solutions and cold chain packaging, including some previews of products scheduled for release during 2014.

It will be exhibiting at Cool Chain Europe in collaboration with its strategic partner Coolkeepers LLC, headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia, USA.

About Sofrigam
French company, Sofrigam S.A. designs and manufactures cool chain shipping solutions and insulated boxes for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries as well as for distribution and logistics companies.

The company was founded in 1979 by an industrial pharmacist and initially developed eutectic painkillers before specializing in the design and manufacture of insulated and refrigerated packaging, including pre-qualified insulated shipping solutions. The company is headquartered in Ile-de-France with a production site at Arras.

Sofrigam offer solutions for the cold chain consignment problems experienced by the pharmaceutical industry. It offers a range of standard and made-to-measure cooling packaging products as well as customized services designed to achieve a secure, cost effective and ecological cold chain logistics.

Sofrigam has become one of Europe’s leading cold chain specialists, sharing its expertise via seminars, publications and R&D collaborations. It also offers customised products and services designed to achieve cold logistics that are secure, cost-effective and comprehensively compliant.

About Cool Chain Europe
Cool Chain Europe is the continent’s most prestigious event targeted at providers and users of temperature-controlled logistics in general and pharmaceutical and biotech companies in particular.

The event was founded in 2001 by the Pharma IQ division of the global events company IQPC, attracting just 30 participants and three sponsors. Today, the annual event attracts more than 400 delegates, with some 50 exhibiting and sponsoring companies, making it Europe’s largest cold chain event.

Gilles Labranque will be one of more than 40 featured speakers at Cool Chain Europe 2014, which is being hosted in partnership with the Luxembourg Government at the Luxexpo Centre in the Kircher district of Luxembourg City.

A major focus of the conference will be the EU Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice (GDP) of Medicinal Products for Human Use (2013/C 68/01) that was introduced in March 2013 with full implementation over the final quarter of 2013.

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