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Sofrigam bringing new cool-chain pallet shipper solutions to TCL 19 London

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January 23rd 2019

Rueil Malmaison, France: – Temperature-controlled logistics and pharmaceutical cold chain packaging specialist Sofrigam S.A. is returning to the 17th annual Temperature Controlled Logistics conference (TCL 19) with and expanded and more sophisticated portfolio of cold chain and cool chain storage, shipping and distribution solutions.

This will include a ‘sneak preview’ of Sofrigam’s latest Pallet Shipper range, a new range of containers designed for optimized logistic efficiencies and offering high thermal performance, enhanced security and minimized total cost of ownership (TCO).

Advanced cool-chain solutions

Sofrigam continues to be a co-sponsor of the TCL conference and a prominent exhibitor.

The Sofrigam display at Booths 17 and 18 of the exhibition area at Twickenham Rugby Stadium on West London will feature the company’s huge range of advanced cool chain shipping and transport products.

Sales Manager Alain Schuerwegen will once again lead the Sofrigam team at TCL19, presenting insights into the detailed added values and benefits of the company’s solutions, with a range of lightweight, fully optimized in external/internal volume ratio containers that allow logistics providers and pharmaceutical manufacturers to securitize and optimize their supply chains, reducing carbon footprint and minimizing global costs.

Reduced risk Pallet Shippers

The new Pallet Shippers offer reduced total TCO by rationalizing to four container sizes standardized for US and EU standard pallets, plus PAG and PMC platforms for airfreight. The external/internal volume ratio is fully optimized to maximize payload. The Pallet Shippers can be delivered assembled to save time or flat-packed to save space and money. Flat-packed containers are easily and quickly assembled in few minutes.

Pallet Shipper also minimizes TCO by reducing complexity and risk. The typical pharmaceutical logistical circuit involves between 15 and 20 different steps or stages, including transportation, storage, transit, loading and unloading, etc. with risk of temperature variations and breaks in the cold chain at each stage. Sofrigam Pallet Shipper reduces the effective number of stages by allowing temperature controlled products to be loaded directly into an insulated container, with eutectic plates and high performance insulation materials combining to keep products within the ISTA 7D temperature profile for 120 hours or more. The next effective step is unloading at end of journey.

Minimized TCO

“Pharma products integrity is completely secured: the products are loaded in the container once it is ready to be shipped to avoid any break in the cold chain,” commented Alain Schuerwegen.

“These are very robust containers that have been tested in real world conditions in journeys from France to the USA and are designed to be reusable up to five times. With all these characteristics, TCO is reduced to a minimum and amongst the lowest on the market, to the point that packaging now only accounts for 46 per cent of overall logistics costs and just 51 per cent of airfreight costs,” said Mr. Schuerwegen.

About Sofrigam

With over 40 years of experience, Sofrigam provide a comprehensive portfolio of innovative packaging and related solutions that allow pharmaceutical and other clients to optimize their temperature-controlled logistic chains.

From its French roots, Sofrigam has become a global company, operating in the USA, Canada, UK and across Europe, with manufacturing centers in North America and Europe.

Sofrigam manufactures a range of standard and made-to-measure thermal packaging products, including cartons, cases, bags and pouches that cover every step in the cool chain, from manufacturer to end-user.

It also offers customized services designed to achieve secure, cost effective and ecological cold chain logistics in shipping, storage and packaging.

Sofrigam Services accompany clients through every step of the logistics chain while prioritizing safety of goods and reducing costs. Advanced software and other solutions allow clients to audit their cold chains, monitor shipments, analyze logistics lanes, manage Inventory and optimize ordering.

Sofrigam can also deliver best Time to Market through thermal simulation equipment combined with its ‘cut & glue’ customization process that gives customers the ability to adapt any catalog product to its own needs with development time reduced to as little as 15 days.

About TCL 19

The annual Temperature Controlled Logistics (TCL) conference is Europe’s premier pharma supply chain forum, focused on extending the knowledge and expertise of pharma logistics leaders and professionals.

Since 2002, the conference has been held every January in the UK and currently attracts more than 400 senior supply chain, logistics, storage, regulation and quality delegates from all over Europe.

TCL 2019 is a four-day event opening January 28 at the RFU Rugby Stadium in Twickenham, southwest London. The 2019 conference will feature some 60 expert speakers across 40 sessions, within three streams that focus on Pre-Transportation Planning, Transportation Execution and Last Mile Post Distribution. The co located exhibition will feature more than 60 providers.

The event is organized by IQPC. More information at: for more information.

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