Single Use Connector Systems

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November 17th 2011

The single use connector systems developed by Aseptic Technologies aims to transfer liquid across a wall separating a high quality clean area (e.g., ISO5 area) from a lower quality area.

Typical liquid transfers include:
• Entry of the formulated bulk into a filling line surrounded by an isolator or a RABS
• Entry of the formulated bulk into a filling line located in an ISO5clean room
• Entry of formulation components into a formulation area
• Exit of formulation bulk from a formulation area to a storage container or a filling area
• Exit of waste from a processing isolators

The principle of the transfer is based on the alpha-beta concept which enables liquid sterile products to be transferred easily and safely, towards or from contained areas through the use of a mini Rapid Transfer Port. The connector can re-closed and re-opened within a short period of time for specific application (e.g., in case of filling line breakdown).

Aseptic Technologies and Sartorius-Stedim Biotech signed a Distribution Agreement in November of 2005 covering worldwide distribution of the connectors and the Rapid Transfer Ports. The connector is commercialized under the brand name SARTTM.

For more information or to discuss single use connector systems please contact us directly.