Production Crystal Px Filling Line

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January 24th 2013

The Production Crystal® Px Filling Line has been designed to address the medium scale pharmaceutical filling, with a capacity to fill large clinical batches and small commercial batches. Typically, a batch would represent a few thousands of vials up to 50,000 vials a day. The Production Crystal® Px Filling Line machines can be easily operated by two persons and are suitable for different operating environments: from an equipment to be installed and operated in a ISO 5 Clean Room up to a stand-alone equipment delivered in an isolator for bio-hazard production.

Crystal® Px Filling Line machines only require electricity to operate.

The main characteristics of the Production Crystal® Px Filling Line are:

• Very limited space required as the equipment footprint is approximately 9 sq. m. (~ 90 sq. ft.) size
• Ready-to-Fill Closed Vials are processed from one station to the next one with only three step in the aseptic filling process (filling, laser re-sealing and capping)
• Multi-format filling line able to fill all format of Crystal closed vials (from 1ml up to 50 ml)
• Flexible barrier system according to project specifications
• Equipment is suitable for installation in the most complex environment such as toxic or bio-hazard and meets all requirements from authorities to be approved as GMP commercial line

An advanced containment system allowing operations in a ISO 8 environment: the Closed Vial Filling System (CVFS).

For more information or to discuss production crystal® Px filling line please contact us directly (Mr. Krzysztof Targowski