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Closed Vial Technology

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28 JUNE 2012

Closed Vial Technology

Worldwide demand for our equipment and technology which includes our closed vial technology is increasing.

Through the demand of our equipment, and feedback from those using it, some interesting trends have become apparent:

• Positive moves have been made towards Closed Vial Technology with several companies setting up additional equipment to expand production capabilities or to move from R&D to GMP setting. This confidence indicates that our technology is meeting our client’s expectations in preliminary investigation and provides strong solutions for their products.
• Equipment fully dedicated to cell therapy has been installed or ordered by twelve clients, proving our solution is a success within this field.
• Interest in our technology has increased following the EMA approval of GSK’s vaccine against pneumococcal infections, SynflorixTM last June.
• Our technology has been acquired by a hospital to supporting their move to GMP compliance
• At a very low investment, our technology has been acquired by a hospital to support their move to GMP compliance for aseptic filling. In addition, to improve the quality for the patient, our highly effective system keeps the container permanently closed. Several other projects with hospitals are under discussion.
• Our technology is becoming recognized further a field, in addition to the US (12 projects) and Europe (12 projects), we also have interest in Mexico, Singapore, Israel and India.

For more information or to discuss our closed vial technology please contact us directly.

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