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Silver anniversary CurTec focusing on tablet elegance at gold label events

news-releasesCurTec International
February 8th 2016

Rijen, Netherlands: – Specialty manufacturer of high-performance pharma packaging CurTec international will use the upcoming InformEx show in New Orleans and Pharmapack Europe to underline the importance of preventing moisture contamination and shock transmission in maintaining tablet elegance.

At America’s premier InformEx show, opening February 2, the CurTec team will exhibit on Booth 1532 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Their display will showcase the company’s industry-leading range of high-performance packaging, including Wide Neck Drums with screw lid closure, nestable drums, Click Pack and other containers, along with pots with screw lid closure, notably the Packo range.

CurTec will be showing a similar range of products at the huge Pharmapack Europe event, which opens less than a week after InformEx closes, from February 10 at Expo Porte de Versailles in Paris, where CurTec will be exhibiting at Booth 946.

CurTec, which celebrates its silver anniversary in 2016, has been a regular exhibitor at InformEx and Pharmapack over the years.

Tablet quality

At both events, CurTec will be able to show how their moisture and shock-resistant containers can play a key role in maintaining tablet integrity and appearance during storage and bulk shipment.

“Tablet elegance may be a new buzz word but tablet quality and integrity have always been high priorities for pharmaceutical manufacturers,” said Marc Martens, MarCom Manager for CurTec International.

“So these issues are certain to be on the minds of procurement, quality and production professionals attending InformEx and Pharmapack Europe,” he noted.

“Maintaining tablet elegance not only requires continuous quality control during production but also proper packaging that protects against all the factors that can lead to disintegration, breakage and dusting during storage and shipping,” Martens said.

“We will be able to demonstrate how our drums and containers can contribute to maintaining tablet elegance by protecting against moisture vapor ingress and mechanical shocks of transport and pallet handling,” he added.

Moisture and shock resistance

CurTec supplies a range of high performance plastic drums and containers that offer superior performance compared to other packaging materials. They provide an excellent barrier against moisture by using screw lids with integrated gaskets that ensure a completely air and moisture tight seal.

CurTec ‘s plastic drums also offer superior protection against outside impact, especially when compared metal drums that transmit shock and vibration or fiber drums that can be damaged by forklift tines or softened by water.

“Plastic drums cannot be weakened by water or water vapor and keep their mechanical strength. They can also be reused over and over without losing strength, said Martens.

About CurTec International

CurTec International is a specialist manufacturer of high performance plastic packaging optimised for the needs of industries like pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals where hygiene, moisture control, UV protection, hazmat compliance, barrier control and tamper-proof security are critical factors.

The privately owned Netherlands-based company develops, manufactures and distributes a range of niche-designed drums and crates that add value through quality, user-friendliness, security and reusability. Today CurTec drums and containers are widely used throughout the pharma and fine chemicals industries for shipping and storing fine chemicals, APIs and intermediates as well as finished powder, tablet and paste products.

The company maintains a quality assurance program that includes HACCP and ISO certification and a Drug Master File for all packaging products.

CurTec adds value to the supply chain of companies producing active ingredients, excipients, solid dosage forms such as tablets and capsules and specialty chemicals. It not only supplies off-the-shelf packaging but also designs customized packaging solutions to meet the needs of individual clients.

About InformEx 2016

InformEx is a high prestige event that offers participants a unique American opportunity to experience educational resources and business partnering opportunities for buyers and sellers of fine, specialty and custom chemistry. The event brings together an international mix of buyers and sellers of high value chemistry for four days of sourcing, education & networking. The 2016 event is a four-day event, opening Monday, February 1 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.

More than 3,000 attendees and some 450 suppliers will attend the event, representing twelve different industry groups, including agrochemicals, life sciences and biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and consumer goods.

The exhibition is organized by UBM Live. For more information:

About Pharmapack 2016

Pharmapack Europe is the leading European conference and exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery systems, showcasing major trends in the sector, both in terms of emerging markets and technological innovation.

The 15th Pharmapack Europe conference will take place on 10-11February 2016 at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles. Organizers UBM Live changed the venue in 2014, to reflect increased attendance, now totaling more than 3,000 visitors and some 370 exhibitors from more than 70 countries.

Further information is available at:

Media Contact

Marc Martens, MarCom Manager, CurTec international B.V.
Tel: +31 88 808 2000


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Tablet elegance increases consumer acceptance

Tablet elegance increases consumer acceptance

Plastic CurTec drums protect against moisture vapour and impact

Plastic CurTec drums protect against moisture vapour and impact

Tablet crush caused by water ingress or impact

Tablet crush caused by water ingress or impact

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