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Separex to present SCF innovations at SiTech ecotechnologies meeting

news-releasesSEPAREX S.A.S
March 16th 2016

Champigneulles, France: – Supercritical fluids specialist CDMO, French-based Separex, will be a prominent presence at the SiTech 2016 networking event in Lyon later this month.

Separex is a sponsor member of the Trimatec Association that organizes SiTech as a chance to explore emerging eco-technologies for biosourced ingredients.

SCF in biosourced ingredients

Separex will attend a series B to B meetings on “Equipment and bio-sourced ingredients”, where it will offer solutions based on its supercritical fluid (SCF) technology to potential clients.

Project Leader Gonzague Choppe and Business Engineer Severine Griselain will represent Separex at the meeting.

“Separex will exchange ideas with food, cosmetic, and pharma companies in order to improve their processes or to create new ones. We will be able to show the versatility of SCFs and our ability to innovate in the application of these technologies to new fields,” said Mr. Choppe.

From lab to pilot scale

SEPAREX is now a leading player in waterless recycling and processing with its innovations in supercritical fluid technologies, including SCF extraction, SCF micronization and SCF purification.

”We will present different supercritical fluid units, which are suitable to extract, fractionate, and encapsulate natural products from lab to pilot scale,” said Ms. Gazin.

“We will be keen to talk to anybody interested in SCF technology and particularly those companies already operating SCF processes or those interested to move conventional processes to SCF-based technologies,” she added.


SEPAREX is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) that specializes in leading edge applications based on advanced research and development (R&D) into supercritical fluid (SCF) and high-pressure technology systems.

SEPAREX is a member of the Netherlands-based FeyeCon Group, which specializes in waste treatment & valorization. The company’s R&D, process development and equipment manufacturing expertise allows clients to build cleaner and greener products that do not rely on fluorinated, chlorinated or liquid organic solvents.

SCF extraction, fractionation, micronization, purification, sterilization, encapsulation and other technologies based on high pressure applications of supercritical CO2 provide non-polluting “tunable” solvents with intermediate properties between liquid and gas that make them highly efficient as reaction media.

SEPAREX also builds and installs production equipment for many different application fields in the pharma, bioscience and fine chemicals industries, including SCF reaction, solid batch extraction and liquid fractionation plants, Aerogel production machinery, and supercritical water oxidization reactors.

This French-based company is thus able to apply a distinctive Supercritical Fluid Engineering approach in working with clients through every stage of process from original concept through product and process development to construction of industrial scale equipment.

About SiTech 2016

SiTech is a business-to-business (B2B) networking event organized by the Trimatec competitiveness cluster based around Lyon in France.

Trimatec was established in 2005 to promote cleaner and more sustainable processes for the industrial sector. It aims to promote economic development of its more than 100 member companies through innovation, mainly by fostering collaborations with research and educational institutes. The cluster helps companies and laboratories through R&D projects’ support, certification and advice on funding.

SiTech 2016 is a one-day event focused on eco-tech systems and technologies associated with the processing of bio-sourced ingredients. It takes place on Match 18 at the Espace Tête d’Or in central Lyon.

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