Rommelag Engineering bottelpack liquid filling machines

June 23rd 2020

Rommelag Engineering is a world leader in the development and manufacture of bottelpack filling machines that use Blow Fill Seal (BFS) technology for aseptic forming, filling, and sealing of purpose formed plastic bottles, vials and ampules.

Rommelag’s bottelpack bottling machines can manufacture canisters, bottles, tubes, ampoules, drop bottles, bellows containers, and portion packaging in a variety of forms and plastic blends, with bottle filling volumes ranging from 0.04 to 10,000 ml. They can combine manufacture with filling, aseptically or conventionally – fully automatically and without human interference in all cases.

Bottelpack solutions can be combined with Rommelag inspection systems and cap welders to create entire pharmaceutical and biotech aseptic filling and finishing lines within very compact environments.

BFS advantages for aseptic filling

The Blow-Fill Seal plastics-based technology incorporated in Rommelag bottelpack bottle filling machines makes them a more cost-effective alternative to glass-based containers for pharmaceutical aseptic filling applications and as primary packaging solutions for liquid and semi-solid pharmaceuticals.

Direct advantages:

  • Containers that are more robust and user-friendly
  • An almost limitless range of container shapes and sizes
  • Straightforward adaptation to specific application and delivery method
  • Maximum safety thanks to ISO Class 5 conditions
  • EMA & FDA approved
  • Recognized advanced USP 1116 aseptic process
  • Fully automated processes for manufacturing, filling, and sealing containers in seconds
  • Reduced overall footfprint
  • Exceptional process and product reliability
  • Outstanding filling accuracy

Indirect advantages:

Having direct control over the raw material (polymer granulate) enables a shorter production chain, with end-to-end control, while use of purpose-formed plastics delivers savings in storage and logicstics volume and weight as well as overall manufacturing space, also eliminating need for storage, washing and sterilization of glass containers.

Producing the actual container almost immediately before it is filled and sealed makes for an extremely low-particle process that is inherently aseptic.

Bottelpack packaging also facilitates fully integrated production of user-friendly containers as complete systems. For example ampoules can come complete with integrated Luer interface to enable secure and direct needle-free connection to syringe without glass splintering risk.

For more complex packaging systems, the bottelpack machines can also manifacture and package appropriate droppers, valves, and infusion caps. The BFS process can also be supplemented with insert components to provide additional functionality.

Rommelag BFS bottelpack aseptic bottle filling machine range

The Rommelag BFS bottelpack aseptic filling range comprises a wide variety of platforms in two categories;

Cyclic systems: These include the Rommelag bp312, bp321, bp324, bp360,  bp362, and bp364  Bottelpack machines covering a very wide range of permutations:

No. of molds:                                              1, 2, or 4

No. of cavities:                                            3–60

Container types:                                         bottle, ampoule

Filling volume  (ml):                                   0.1- 10,000

Output pieces per hour (pcs./h):            600–10,000


Rotating systems: These include the Rommelag bp430, bp434, bp460-15, bp460-20, and bp461 Bottelpack machines:

No. of molds:                                              1, 14,15, or 20

No. of cavities:                                            5–25

Container types:                                         ampoule

Filling volume  (ml):                                   0.1- 60

Output pieces per hour (pcs./h):            2,250- 33,000


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Rommelag Engineering bottelpack liquid filling machines

Rommelag pb321 cyclic bottelpack machine

Rommelag Engineering bottelpack liquid filling machines

Rommelag bp461 rotating bottelpack machine