Rommelag BFS pharma packaging solutions

December 1st 2020

Rommelag Bottelpack or Blow Fill Seal (BFS) platforms provide pharmaceutical companies with enhanced options for the safe and efficient aseptic primary packaging for various formulations including medicinal products, therapeutics, diagnostics and even vaccines and biotech drugs.

The key advantage of Rommelag’s bottelpack technology is that ‘form follows function’, with the filling platform also acting as a packing machine in which the container shape and format is tailored to  filling volume, application route and to usability

BFS Aseptic Packing for The Pharmaceutical Industry

Rommelag’s bottelpack machines can manufacture canisters, bottles, tubes, ampoules, drop bottles, bellows containers, and single-dose packaging in a variety of forms and medical grade polymers , with filling volumes ranging from 0.04 to 10,000 ml even under aseptic conditions– fully automatically and with a minimum of  human interference.

These aseptic filling machines can be combined with Rommelag Automated Visual Inspection systems and cap welders to create entire pharmaceutical and biotech filling and finishing lines within very compact footprint  and minimal clean room requirements.

Rommelag BFS Bottelpack solutions have three main application areas in primary pharmaceutical packaging.

  • Packaging of parenterals: BFS processing enables the creation of customized plastic containers designed for usability, easier storage and offering safer, and more cost effective alternatives to glass ampoules for the production and packaging of injectables (small volume parenterals) in a range of formats including easy to use Luer or LuerLock ampoule designs that avoid the need for hypodermic needles for administration. As a completely closed system that eliminates the need for pre-formed containers and films, bottelpack simplifies the filling and packaging of injectables and large volume parenterals typically administered intravenously. Formulations include suspensions and even high viscosity liquids. A choice of different medical grade polymers is available for optional terminal sterilization by autoclaving, for high oxygen barrier or high transparency.
  • Packaging of inhalation drug products: Blow-Fill-Seal offers the ideal combination of hygiene, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness for aseptic packaging of nebulizer solutions and other inhalation drug products . Key benefits for application by inhalation include tamper-evidence, precise dosing in single-use containers, a typical range of filling volumes between one and five milliliters, forming from monomaterial low extractable polyethylene or polypropylene resins, highest sterility assurance and a very wide choice of distinctive, user-friendly container designs
  • Packaging ophthalmic solutions, creams and ointments: BFS also offers unique advantages for the aseptic packaging of single-dose ampoules, vial-type multi-dose containers, bottles for contact lens cleaning solution and related products. Not only do bottelpack machines offer cost-effective eye drop production under highly sterile condition but also enable flexible container design, a reduced environmental footprint, and preservative-free formulations.


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Rommelag BFS pharma packaging solutions

Rommelag Bottelpack is ideally suited to the aseptic packaging of injectables and intravenous solutions

Rommelag BFS pharma packaging solutions

Rommelag BFS packaging offers a wide range of container formats suited to ophthalmic products

Rommelag BFS pharma packaging solutions

Plastic containers formed in Rommelag aseptic filling bottelpack® machines offer safer, more user-friendly, and more cost effective alternatives for the primary packaging of nebulizer solutions and other inhalant medications