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    PSL at German Peptide Symposium 2019

    news-releasesPeptide Specialty Laboratories GmbH
    March 6th 2019

    Heidelberg, Germany: – Custom and modified peptide specialist Peptide Specialty Laboratories GmbH (PSL) will be a prominent presence at the upcoming German Peptide Symposium (DPS) in Cologne.

    PSL will be an exhibitor at the event and will be sharing latest advances in its ISO 9001:2015 certificated custom peptide synthesis, modified peptides as peptidomimetics and tailored peptide-specific antibodies program.

    Latest peptide trends

    PSL Managing Director, Dr. Adrian Glas, who will lead the team in Cologne, commented: “The German Peptide Symposium represents an excellent opportunity to stay up to date regarding latest peptide synthesis trends and applications as well as networking with old and new friends.”

    “To those who are also attend the meeting, I say we are looking forward to meeting them personally. For all our customers in general, our attendance at DPS is further evidence of our commitment to staying up to date the latest innovations and technical advances,” said Dr. Glas.

    About PSL

    Heidelberg-based Peptide Specialty Laboratories (PSL) specializes in synthesizing custom peptides, modified peptides as peptidomimetics and tailor made peptide-specific antibodies.

    PSL’s core expertise is in developing customized peptides varying in length up to 100 amino acids, individualized to customer requirements. These peptides can be further modified with modified amino acids (methylated, phosphorylated, sugar-modified, D-amino acids, stable isotopes etc.) through acetylation, placing amide at C-terminus and using peptide-protein conjugates (KLH, OVA, BSA, Diphtheria toxoid).

    The laboratory develops and produces a range of customized synthetic peptides, bio conjugates and peptide-specific antibodies for research institutes, universities and pharma companies. It also synthesizes peptides as substrates for enzymes or perform modifications of peptides with specific properties that cannot be created naturally, mainly for use in drug research and also to produce complete immunization services.

    Founded in 2000, PSL is a private-owned company. Further information at:

    About German Peptide Symposium 2019

    Founded in 2005, the German Peptide Symposium is an annual meeting dedicated to promoting knowledge in peptide chemistry.

    The 14th German Peptide Symposium is a four-day event opening 18 March at University of Cologne, located in the university’s Department of Chemistry.

    The symposium will feature a wide range of keynote speakers and scientific sessions that cover cutting edge areas of peptide research including advances in peptide chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics, pharmacology, as well as material and medical sciences.

    The event is organised by University of Cologne with further information at:


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