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    PSL transforms online presence with re-engineered website

    news-releasesPeptide Specialty Laboratories GmbH
    November 4th 2021

    Heidelberg, Germany: – Custom and modified peptide specialist Peptide Specialty Laboratories GmbH (PSL) has rolled out a new look website with enhanced functionality and navigation, as well as more resources.

    The new website at encapsulates PSL’s ‘Premium Peptides for excellent results’ offer with in-depth presentations of the company, its peptide synthesis capabilities and its range of specific antibodies.

    Advanced web design

    PSL has collaborated with leading web design experts to create a new dual language (German and English) site that is both attractive and intuitive, making full use of JavaScript animation and banner visual displays to present information dynamically.

    All information is accessible from the top banner, including full company profile, the full range of peptide service options and available modifications, and clear presentation of PSL’s advanced capabilities in the production of peptide-specific and phospho-specific antibodies.

    Visitor engagement

    The primary aim driving the PSL website redesign was to provide users with an all-round positive experience and greater sense of engagement. This is reflected in strong and repeated use of Calls to Action (CTAs) throughout.

    The site also incorporates highly functional and easy to use webforms to drive contacts and direct requests for quotes.

    Initial feedback from visitors has been highly positive and is driving further enhancements to the site to be rolled out over coming months.

    About PSL

    Heidelberg-based Peptide Specialty Laboratories (PSL) specializes in synthesizing custom peptides, modified peptides as peptidomimetics and tailor-made peptide-specific antibodies.

    PSL’s core expertise is in developing customized peptides varying in length up to 100 amino acids, individualized to customer requirements. These peptides can be further modified with modified amino acids (methylated, phosphorylated, sugar-modified, D-amino acids, stable isotopes etc.) through acetylation, placing amide at C-terminus and using peptide-protein conjugates (KLH, OVA, BSA, Diphtheria toxoid).

    The laboratory develops and produces a range of customized synthetic peptides, bio conjugates and peptide-specific antibodies for research institutes, universities and pharma companies. It also synthesizes peptides as substrates for enzymes or perform modifications of peptides with specific properties that cannot be created naturally, mainly for use in drug research and also to produce complete immunization services.

    Founded in 2000, PSL is a private-owned company. Further information at:


    Click on PSL Premium Peptides for excellent results to visit English language version of the website.


    Premium Peptides for Excellent Results - All peptides are guaranteed HPLC-purified and analyzed by mass-spectrometry

    PSL transforms online presence with re-engineered website

    New website makes PSL offers easy to follow from first engagement.

    PSL transforms online presence with re-engineered website

    Clear and functional web design allows easy exploration of product options.

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