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    Product Development with MEDELPHARM

    February 9th 2024

    The technical infrastructure behind MEDELPHARM’s STYL’One tableting Instruments provides extensive support and adaptation solutions for tablet manufacturers seeking to optimize their formulation and production of complex advanced oral sold dosage (OSD) forms.

    MEDELPHARM product development services include support for material characterization, formulation, scale-up, small batch production, and troubleshooting, as well as advanced tableting training courses.

    MEDELPHARM Science Lab

    The most advanced and sophisticated product development support is provided by the in-house MEDELPHARM Science Lab, whose extensive suite of capabilities includes access to leading edge instrumentation and expert technical knowledge.

    Science Lab experts can provide in-depth help with topics such as material characterization using radial pressure measurement, gas pycnometry techniques for establishing true tablet density, and comprehensive batch tablet testing via ANALIS software.

    The Lab is equipped with an array of highly specialized equipment such as a Quadro SLS multi head miller and sifter to assist with particle size determination and technical transfer to production scale, and Caleva mini coater for material sparing prototype batch development.

    Training and Knowledge Base

    To enable scientists to get the most from their STYL’One compaction simulator, MEDELPHARM offers an array of training services and access to its knowledge base of advanced formulation techniques. Its team of pharmaceutical scientists can share their in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software, with support for bringing new accessories like multilayer and roll compaction on line.

    MEDELPHARM also has a team of qualified service engineers to perform annual calibrations and preventive maintenance, as well as keep software versions up-to-date.

    mySTYL’One Community

    STYL’One ownership also provides access to a wider community of scientists, research academics and professionals working in the field of tableting technology.  The mySTYL’One community includes a global network of connected universities and research institutions, an extensive range of publications, and other knowledge resources focused on improving formulation and productivity.

    MEDELPHARM provides opportunities for its community of users to exchange best practices through events like the previous User Group.


    Click on MEDELPHARM  Instruments for more information on hardware and software.
    Click on MEDELPHARM Science Lab for more information on research and development support.


    Troubleshooting Tablet Defects in No-Time

    Product Development with MEDELPHARM

    MEDELPHARM Science Lab

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