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    Pharmatrans SANAQ® LS 004 co-processed Starch/Lactose excipient

    products-servicesPharmatrans SANAQ AG
    January 26th 2021

    Pharmatrans Sanaq now offers SANAQ® LS 004 as a co-processed excipient based on mix 15/85 of maize starch and lactose monohydrate.

    LS 004 forms an ultra-uniform and highly compressible lactose excipient for tablet fillings that supports direct compression (DC) applications, aiding tablet hardness, faster disintegration, and superior flowability.

    Its high bulk weight supports formulation of high weight tablets, maintained capsule fill weight using smaller dies or capsule sizes.

    DICOM SANAQ® LS 004 benefits

    The mix in SANAQ LS 004® is composed of lactose monohydrate (85%) and maize starch (15%) and exhibits excellent free powder flowability compared with physical mixtures in the same ratio of components that show extremely poor flow properties.

    SANAQ LS 004 has an average particle size distribution (PSD) of 300 to 550 microns and is designed for direct compression providing help to improve tablet hardness and faster disintegration, independent from tablet hardness and lubricant level.

    Tangible tableting benefits include:

    • Uniform drug distribution
    • Content uniformity
    • Superior compressibility with suitable fines content
    • Reduced weight variation
    • Higher production rates
    • Choice of higher average weight
    • Robust tablets with reduced friability

    LS 004 Specifications

    Test Results
    Bulk density(g/ml) 0.663
    Tapped density (g/ml) 0.840
    Hausner’s ratio 1.27
    Compressibility index 21.05
    LOD (105 OC -3h) 2.30
    Angle of repose 36.22
    PSD Malvern Mastersizer) D(10) = 34.1

    D(50) = 243

    D(90) = 583



    Click on LS 004 Product Sheet to download full specifications
    Click on Pharmatrans SANAQ LS 004 for PDF download


    Guarantee the quality of your medicines with Pharmatrans SANAQ's pharmaceutical excipients

    Pharmatrans SANAQ® LS 004 co-processed Starch/Lactose excipient

    SANAQ SL 004 contains a suitable proportion of fines to aid compressibility

    Pharmatrans SANAQ® LS 004 co-processed Starch/Lactose excipient

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