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    DiCom SANAQ® Direct Compression platform ingredients

    products-servicesPharmatrans SANAQ AG
    December 11th 2023

    The Pharmatrans DiCom SANAQ® is a range of ready-to-use high functionality co-processed excipients playing key role in direct compression tablet manufacturing improving process effectiveness and safety and reducing manufacturing costs.

    The use of DiCom SANAQ® ingredients save manufacturer time and effort and increase productivity by reducing need for granulation, drying and milling, effectively halving the number of process steps involved in wet granulation tablet manufacture, contributing to significant increases in productivity and profitability.

    DiCom SANAQ® Advantages for Direct Compression

    The Pharmatrans approach to DC emphasizes the use of customized blends of excipients to provide materials designed for direct compression and even suitable in continuous manufacturing (CM) processes.

    DiCom SANAQ® offers ready-made blends of fillers, diluents, binders, disintegrants and lubricants suitable for producing ideal formulations in specific applications and manufacturing.

    These excipient mixtures exhibit excellent and superior compressibility and flowability parameters compared with single and pure excipients.

    The use of co processed excipients is an excellent option in CM processes requiring fewer feeders. DiCom SANAQ® enhances product performance mitigating formulation variability and reducing the contact between product and operator increasing the process safety.

    They also support real time product quality monitored using PAT tools.

    Direct compression means, among others costless and minimal potential delay before products are ready for release and shipment.

    DiCom SANAQ® range

    There are four products in the DiCom SANAQ® range:

    • SANAQ® LS 004®: Binary co-processed mix of lactose monohydrate and starch widely used excipients for oral solid dosage (OSD). The use of SANAQ LS 004® improves tablet hardness, faster disintegration, and superior flowability. Other advantages include superior granule properties, excellent flowability, blend uniformity, and overall stability. It has average particle size of 300-550 microns with a particle size distribution (PSD) that includes a suitable proportion of fines, assisting uniform drug distribution even for low dose APIs and with good flow properties that overcome weight variation problems.
    • SANAQ® ML 011: Binary co processed mix of Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC) and lactose monohydrate, promoting consistent tablet hardness, powder flowability, excellent compaction for sensitive APIs and low dosage formulations, high weight consistency at all compactions speeds, and smooth tablet surface.
    • SANAQ® SP 204: Co-processed blend of high-performance excipients designed for moisture sensitive and hygroscopic formulations. SANAQ® SP204 is based on a co-processed mixture of MCC, Light Magnesium Oxide (MgO2), starch, pregelatinized starch, and sodium starch glycolate. SANAQ® SP204 supports formulation development of moisture sensitive APIs and preparations where alkaline conditions must be control for product stability.
    • SANAQ ® SP 205: Co-processed blend of MCC, colloidal silicon dioxide (CSD), Povidone K30, and Crosspovidone. SANAQ ® SP 205 is indicates for moisture sensitive and hygroscopic low bulk density ‘fluffy’ APIs. The combination of MCC and CSD blend along with binder grants high quality tablets with good hardness, low friability and smooth and shiny surface, while the addition of low viscosity binder and disintegrant promotes faster tablet disintegration.


    Click on Pharmatrans DICOM SANAQ Co-Processed Excipients  to download product flyer.
    Click on DICOM SANAQ portfolio for a summary of available blends.


    Guarantee the quality of your medicines with Pharmatrans SANAQ's pharmaceutical excipients

    DiCom SANAQ® Direct Compression platform ingredients

    Pharmatrans DiCom SANAQ excipients make contributions to reducing production costs at each stage of the commercial manufacturing process.

    DiCom SANAQ® Direct Compression platform ingredients

    Pharmatrans DiCom SANAQ excipients offer powerful benefits across the OSD manufacturing value chain.

    DiCom SANAQ® Direct Compression platform ingredients

    By eliminating need for granulation, drying, and milling, Pharmatrans DiCom SANAQ excipients effectively reduce wet granulation from six steps to a three-step process.

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