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    Pharmatrans Sugar Spheres SANAQ® customization for sustained release in pellet formulations

    products-servicesPharmatrans SANAQ AG
    April 17th 2024

    Pharmatrans SANAQ® presents Sugar Spheres SANAQ® – the ultimate solution for achieving sustained release in your pharmaceutical formulations.

    Pharmatrans SANAQ® is able to aid pharma manufacturers in sugar spheres ‘off the shelf’ in a very wide range of different diameters and particle sizes as well as the option to order customized sphere pellets to match specialized applications.

    Customization is Pharmatrans’ specialty! Pharmatrans understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to pharmaceutical formulations. That’s why Pharmatrans offer the flexibility to tailor the size of our spheres to meet your specific requirements. This sugar sphere customization capability is particularly useful in tailoring OSD formulations for excipient particle size distribution (PSD), core hardness and friability to optimize drug delivery, fine tuning release time, for example.

    Tailoring Sugar Spheres SANAQ® Size Range and Specifications

    SANAQ® sugar spheres are white and almost perfectly spherical in form, with a slight sweet taste and are useful as neutral beads to produce microgranules for tablets or as granules loaded with active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) filled in capsules.

    SANAQ® sugar spheres are available with a wide particle size range of diameters, and particle size distribution (PSD) ranging from 212-300 μm to 1,000-1,180 μm.

    Specific sizes are available as customized pellets to comply with any special requirements and the hardness and friability can also be customized.

    The narrowest possible PSD range distribution is a vital factor in optimum formulation, since it is required for uniform application of the active substance during the coating process. Calculating the surface-per-input quantity depends both on achieving a near spherical form as well as a uniform particle size.

    Using its sophisticated production techniques, Pharmatrans can provide standard and customized PSD ranges allowing customers to find the perfect fit for their formulations.

    Sugar Sphere Hardness and Friability

    The perfect sugar sphere must also have the right balance between mechanical strength and the ability to dissolve in drug delivery to the digestive tract.

    Hardness is a vital factor in giving the sugar spheres adequate mechanical stability to withstand tumbling and impact loads during subsequent coating, including contact with solvents. The key parameters in tailoring sugar spheres to specific applications are friability and crushing strength.

    Furthermore, Pharmatrans purpose-designed sugar sphere production machines are replicated at lab scale to make scale-up relatively straightforward and rapid.

    Delivering Greater Sugar Sphere Choice

    Standard SANAQ® sugar spheres are available in a range of 11 different types and sizes. Full PSD specifications are tabulated below:

    However, this already wide standard range of sugar sphere sizes that Pharmatrans offers from catalog are merely starting points. More specific customized pellet sizes with narrower PSD ranges can be produced to individual order, and it is also possible to configure the spheres with the precise hardness and friability properties needed to support the actual API being delivered.

    Sugar Sphere Applications

    SANAQ® sugar spheres can be used as neutral pellets to be layered with active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and coated by polymers to manufacture sustained released OSD oral solid dosage forms.

    Sugar Spheres are formulated from Sucrose crystals and maize starch to comply with the Sugar Sphere standards defined in the USP40-NF35, Ph. Eur and JP pharmacopoeia monographies.

    SANAQ® sugar spheres are neutral starter cores designed to produce OSD forms, especially for formulations with a controlled release drug delivery of the API.

    Sugar sphere pellets are a multiparticulate form of excipient ideal for filling in capsules, sachets, or pressed in tablets. Moreover the neutral starter cores can be layered and coated with different technologies.

    The use of SANAQ® sugar spheres can be used in pharmaceutical forms but also to formulate nutraceuticals and food supplements.

    With Sugar Spheres SANAQ®, you can trust in the quality and precision of your pellet formulations. Our commitment to excellence guarantees consistent particle size distribution, uniformity, and compatibility with various active ingredients.

    Experience the Pharmatrans SANAQ® difference – contact us today to learn more and elevate your pharmaceutical formulations.


    Click on Sugar Sphere SANAQ® specifications for PDF download.


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    Pharmatrans Sugar Spheres SANAQ® customization for sustained release in pellet formulations
    Pharmatrans Sugar Spheres SANAQ® customization for sustained release in pellet formulations

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