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Book a meeting with Pharmatrans at IPEC annual forum to know more about new DICOM SANAQ Co-Processed platform

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January 31st 2020

Allschwil, Switzerland: – Pharmatrans Sanaq (Pharmatrans) will be a leading presence at the upcoming IPEC Europe Forum excipients summit in southern France.

It will be using the event to meet interested customers to understand and be aware about the details of its latest direct compression (DC) platform, DICOM SANAQ that uses customized excipients to provide materials tailored to be used for DC indicated even in continuous manufacturing (CM).

DICOM advantages

DICOM SANAQ offers ready-made blends suitable for oral solid dosage forms to assist the customer achieve the ideal formulation. In CM processes, use of DICOM SANAQ high functionality co-processed excipients enhances product performance and reduces the formulation variability, while monitoring product quality in real time, using PAT tools, to reduce cost and delay.

The Pharmatrans team at IPEC will show how DICOM SANAQ can simplify and accelerate the product manufacturing process by providing excipient mixtures with excellent and superior compressibility parameters compared with single and pure excipients.

The use of binary or multiple mixtures of co processed excipients offers the option to use materials requiring fewer feeders in CM and with better suitability for DC than single excipients.

Book a meeting

Pharmatrans will be represented at the event in Aix-en-Provence by its Technical and Marketing head, Dr. Marco Resciniti, a pharmacist with PhD in Pharma Technology, who will be on hand to answer technical queries and discuss opportunities for collaborations.

Those wishing to meet Dr. Resciniti at the event should email Pharmatrans Sanaq (see Media Contact).

About Pharmatrans Sanaq

Founded in in 1982 and headquartered at Allschwil, near Basel, Switzerland, Pharmatrans Sanaq AG is a pharmaceutical distributor that specializes in marketing and promotion of excipients and Innovative ingredients. It also provides its own formulation expertise to give customers a complete portfolio of technical and smart solutions for the formulation development and manufacture of solid and semisolid dosage forms.

Pharmatrans Sanaq offers innovative solutions based on a safe analytical and quality (SANAQ) approach, leveraging solid experience, industrial know-how, regulatory skills, strategic partnerships with R&D centers, collaboration with international universities and in-house expertise from its team of formulator scientists to deliver support in the excipients field from basic materials to ready-made products for customized solutions.

Pharmatrans Sanaq offers a wide range of specialized pharmaceutical excipients and active ingredients (APIs) that include microcrystalline cellulose (MCC), tartaric acid pellets (TAP), sugar spheres, Mannitol pellets, calcium carbonate pellets, silicon dioxide pellets and co-processed excipients.

Pharmatrans also develops specific tailored products based on specific customer requirements, process technology and applications. To do this, Pharmatrans works in close partnerships with an international network of advanced, selected and qualified CMO and CDMO developers and manufacturers, several of whom hold significant international and local process patents.

Further information at:

About IPEC Europe 2020

The IPEC Europe Forum is the annual meeting of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council. It provides a dynamic networking and knowledge sharing platform, recognized as one of the most dynamic events for the pharmaceutical excipients sector.

The IPEC Europe Forum 2020 is a one-day event to be held February 6 at the Hotel Renaissance in Aix-en-Provence, southern France.

The meeting will feature a series of keynote addresses covering such topics as current and future regulatory perspectives of EDQM, the impact of Brexit on European excipients markets, latest development for Chinese regulation relating to excipients registration and excipients for use in parenterals.

The event is organized by IPEC Europe with further information at:

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