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Pharmadule Morimatsu celebrates three decades of modular innovation

news-releasesPharmadule Morimatsu AB
October 4th 2016

Nacka, Stockholm: – Swedish-based designer and engineer for the pharma and biotech industries, Pharmadule Morimatsu AB (Pharmadule) has been celebrating the 30th Anniversary of its founding.

It was on September 1, 1986, that engineer Clas Wallenborg registered his new company, Pharmadule.

Wallenborg’s vision was to be able to deliver ‘ready made’ hygienic pharmaceutical production and laboratory facilities to global locations as required, but where infrastructure, construction facilities and skilled labor were lacking.

Modular concept

Utilizing the same technology used to build specialized spaces and living quarters on offshore oil platforms, his new company, Pharmadule, designed complete pharmaceutical plants that consisted of individual “modules”.

These could be designed and fabricated centrally under hi-tech controlled conditions and transported to pharma sites all over the world for final assembly and erection.

After 30 years, Pharmadule Morimatsu continues to successfully deliver this innovative construction concept through Modular Project Delivery to locations around the world.

Three decades of progress

“The Life Science Industry has evolved and grown almost beyond recognition over the last 30 years. Pharmadule has been an important part of this evolution,” said Pharmadule Morimatsu Director Business Development Leo Fallgren.

“Not only have we delivered more than 60 licensed and operating production facilities that deliver the treatments that patients rely upon, but we have also helped to change the mindset of owners and builders throughout the industry to see the advantages of a dedicated design build concept,” Fallgren explained.

“This has greatly reduced the project timeline while enhancing construction site safety, quality and predictability,” she said.

Ready to license

Today Pharmadule uses a wide range of different modular components to deliver innovative solutions. Its Standard Biotech Facility is designed for biopharmaceutical production, utilizing disposable equipment to enable the owner to bring a facility on line in less than 18 months at a fraction of the cost of a traditional production facility.

Pharmadule Morimatsu modular facilities are fabricated for easy installation in one location with the added ability to be moved to other sites as enterprise requirements change.

“These designs come from more than 30 years of proven experience and a history of success in delivering production facilities that are ready to licensed for manufacture of products for the Life Science and FMCG industries,” said Leo Fallgren

About Pharmadule Morimatsu

Pharmadule Morimatsu designs and builds turnkey production facilities for the pharma and biopharma Industries. Pharmadule services extend from conceptual design to IQOQ qualifications completion, offering a one-stop-shop suite of services that include: Front-End Design & Pre-Engineering, Detailed Design, Fabrication, Quality Assurance (QA) and Validation Management.

The company was founded in 1986, since when it has successfully delivered more than 60 production facilities worldwide for clients including Eli Lilly, Merck, Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, Pharmacia and AstraZeneca, forging The Pharmadule Way as a way of offering unique value and reassurance to customers, with off-site construction and modular design concepts to provide very high predictability of on time, on budget delivery and consistent high quality, regardless of final location.

Since 2011, Pharmadule has been part of the Morimatsu Group of Japan, forming Pharmadule Morimatsu AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company also has a strong presence in Asia with engineering and manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, providing an enhanced service for clients in new markets.

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