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Pharmadule Morimatsu brings advanced process solutions back to ISPE Europe Biotech in Lyon

news-releasesPharmadule Morimatsu AB
September 10th 2018

Nacka, Stockholm: – Pharmadule Morimatsu AB (Pharmadule), the Swedish-based specialist in facility engineering, will exhibit its world-leading process solutions and modular facility construction capabilities at the ISPE 2018 Europe Biotechnology Conference in the French city of Lyon later this month.

This is a return to ISPE Biotechnology Europe for Pharmadule Morimatsu which was also an exhibitor at last year’s event in Dublin.

Advanced design and constructions

The Pharmadule display at ISPE Biotechnology 2018 will showcase its expertise in advanced design and construction, including advanced bioreactor systems, super skids and turnkey modular facility buildings, quickly assembled on site from modules remotely constructed at Pharmadule’s Swedish factories, gathered over more than 30 years in engineering modular facilities and process equipment solutions around the world.

GMP Qualification expertise

“Once again will be showing visitors to Lyon all the ways in which we can deliver process solutions that offer consistent high quality and maximum flexibility at lower overall cost,” commented Pharmadule Morimatsu Director of Business Development, Leo Fällgren.

“We will have latest information on our turnkey design and construction services and modular off-site production solutions, and will also be able to share insights from our considerable commissioning and qualification expertise and GMP consultancy knowledge,” he added.

“The ISPE Europe Biotechnology conference has become one of the world’s most influential events in our field of pharma-specific engineering and so it’s absolutely right that Pharmadule Morimatsu should be a presence here,” said Mr. Fallgren.

About Pharmadule Morimatsu

Pharmadule Morimatsu designs and builds turnkey production facilities and process equipment’s for the pharma – biopharma Industries and also for the FMCG area (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Pharmadule services extend from conceptual design to IQOQ qualifications completion, offering a one-stop-shop suite of services that include: Front-End Design & Pre-Engineering, Detailed Design, Fabrication, Quality Assurance (QA) and Validation Management.

The company was founded in September 1986 by engineer Clas Wallenborg whose vision was to use the same basic modular design techniques and technology used to build specialized spaces for offshore oil platforms to be able to deliver ‘ready-made’ hygienic pharmaceutical production and laboratory facilities worldwide. These could be designed and fabricated centrally under hi-tech controlled conditions and transported to pharma sites all over the world for final assembly and erection.

Since then, Pharmadule has successfully delivered more than 70 production facilities worldwide for clients including Eli Lilly, Merck, Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline, Genentech, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, forging The Pharmadule Way as a way of offering unique value and reassurance to customers, with off-site construction and modular design concepts to provide very high predictability of on time, on budget delivery and consistent high quality, regardless of final location.

Since 2011, Pharmadule has been part of the Morimatsu Group of Japan, which specializes in process equipment, forming Pharmadule Morimatsu AB, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. The company also has a strong presence in Asia with engineering and manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, providing an enhanced service for clients in new markets.

About ISPE Europe Biotechnology Conference 2018

The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering organises a series of conferences worldwide, of which the ISPE Europe Conference on Biotechnology focuses on process science and technological advancements and trends to approach future manufacturing challenges in the biotechnology industry.

The 2018 conference is a two-day event, opening September 20 at the Quai Charles de Gaulle conference center in Lyon. This year’s conference, themed “Biotechnology Facilities of the Future® – Connecting the Trends in Biomanufacturing” will explore five emerging ‘megatrends’, including:

  • Holistic control strategies to meet higher complexity of product demands
  • Strategic Investment Management to address shorter product life cycles and more volatile markets
  • Knowledge management and Workforce 4.0 as enablers of a more robust value chain
  • Capacity constraints as the Big Threat
  • Quality and Regulatory issues as the License to Do Business

The event is organized by iSpeak in partnership with Pharmaceutical Engineering magazine, with more information at:

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