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    Phage Consultants increases focus on bacteriophage testing of microbiome therapeutics and probiotics

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    October 20th 2022

    Gdansk, Poland: – The events program for specialist bacteriophage CRO Phage Consultants (PC) signposts its increasing focus on use of bacteriophages for testing of microbiome therapeutics and probiotics.

    PC will make its first attendance at April’s Translational Microbiome Conference in Washington DC, following its appearance last year in the Microbiome Connect: Gut Therapeutics Europe online conference.

    Cell bank testing

    Phage Consultants founder and CEO Professor Marcin Los explained: “Due to the high interest in our services In the microbiome field, especially testing of cell banks and bacterial strains for the presence of phage and prophage, we are going to attend more microbiome conferences to give our customers and potential customers a chance to meet us and discuss our services.”

    In a series of industry sectors, including biopharma, food supplements, and probiotics, PC aims to address widespread needs for more specifically experienced service providers to conduct phage testing.

    Distinctive services

    PC offers a portfolio of phage-related services distinguished by highly skilled teams with many years of experience in testing microbial and bacterial samples, as proved by many years of experience in providing services for major clients, such as Aldevron and Acura (former Luina Bio), the leading CMO for anaerobic bacteria contract manufacturing.

    “We can meet customer needs with our in-house optimized methods, exhibiting very high sensitivity validated in tests , along with very competitive pricing, high reliability, and fast time to result,” said Dr. Los.

    Key success factors

    “These services form excellent investments in preventing problems in production in case of tests of cell banks, minimizing costs in case of early tests and early disqualification of problematic candidates compromised by prophage or phage presence,” Dr. Los noted.

    “All of these are key success factors for companies under pressure to achieve successful fulfilment of  manufacturing contacts, regulatory compliance, shorter time to production, and minimization of potential production failures,” he concluded.

    About Phage Consultants

    Phage Consultants is a contract research and manufacturing organization that specializes in bacteriophage detection, characterization and production.

    Bacteriophages (phages) are viruses that infect bacteria. First discovered around 1915, phages played an important role in understanding viral biology, for example in elucidating viral reproduction in lytic and lysogenic cycles. They have been used for almost a century as alternatives to antibiotics and can have therapeutic effect against multi-drug-resistant strains of many bacteria.

    Founded in Gdansk, Poland, in 2007, PC has become a world leader in using the power of bacteriophage technology in bioprocess infection and contamination control and assisting companies whose production is based on microbial activities in preventing bacteriophage contamination, along with bacterial, fungal and viral contaminations.

    Phage Consultants is also a team specialist in the field of bacteriophage biology with specific expertise in phage activity in bioprocesses. The team provides unique assistance to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, offering a range of services from personal training to consulting and process optimization in phage growth limitation. The company also advises and assists clients in the development of new production facilities.

    Further information at:


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    Bacteriophage contamination: is there a simple method to reduce its deleterious effects in laboratory cultures and biotechnological factories?

    Phage Consultants increases focus on bacteriophage testing of microbiome therapeutics and probiotics

    Bacteriophages, seen here magnified 180,000 times, are intimately connected with all aspects of the microbiome.

    Phage Consultants increases focus on bacteriophage testing of microbiome therapeutics and probiotics

    Phage Consultants CEO and co-founder Dr. Marcin Los is a world-respected expert in the study of bacteriophages.

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