Phage Consultants celebrates 10 years of leading edge phage contamination prevention, mitigation services and bacteriophage research

Phage Consultants celebrates 10 years of leading edge phage contamination prevention, mitigation services and bacteriophage research

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APRIL 25, 2017
Gdansk, Poland: – Specialist Polish-based CRO Phage Consultants (PC) is celebrating its tenth year as a leading force in bacteriophage contamination prevention, mitigation services provider and advanced applications of bacteriophage technology.

Dr. Marcin Los of University of Gdansk, founded Phage Consultants in the Polish port city in 2007. Their mission was to apply advanced knowledge of bacteriophages to help companies combat contamination in microbial processes.

Expanding activities

PC applies its expertise to prevent contamination by bacteriophages and also use ‘phages to kill other contaminants. Dr. Marcin Los, the company’s CEO, described how Phage Consultants activities had evolved over the past decade. “We founded the company to specialize in bacteriophage prevention and troubleshooting, but very soon expanded our services to phage-based technological development, production and purification,” said Dr. Los. “A major part of our business is now testing of cell banks for phage and prophage presence,” he explained.

Contamination avoidance and recovery

“Based on our research and experience we can offer many different types of assistance: from personnel training, through consulting and process optimization, to the help in developing new facilities to be more resistant to contaminations,” said Joanna Los, PC’s Chief Scientific Officer.

“We can now help clients not only to avoid contaminations but also to recover from contamination events that have already occurred,” she said.

More recently, PC has introduced a contract research service covering all aspects of bacteriophage use in various fields of biotechnology, medicine, food and crop protection, etc.

The company also provide phage production and purification service, which capacity is still expanding. “The demand for phage production and purification is growing fast, and we have to scale up our capacities in order to provide our customers the service they need” said Marcin Los.

Since 2006, Phage Consultants has been involved in more than 40 academic research papers and publications.

About Phage Consultants

Phage Consultants is a contract research and manufacturing organization that specializes in bacteriophage detection and characterization and production.

Bacteriophages (phages) are viruses that infect bacteria. First discovered around 1915, phages play an important role in viral biology, used to elucidate DNA viral reproduction through lytic and lysogenic cycles. They have been used for almost a century as alternatives to antibiotics and can have therapeutic effect against multi-drug-resistant strains of many bacteria.

Founded in Gdansk, Poland, in 2007, PC have become world leaders in using the power of bacteriophage technology in bioprocess infection and contamination control and assisting companies whose production is based on microbial activities in preventing bacteriophage contamination, along with bacterial, fungal and viral contaminations.

Phage Consultants are also specialists in the field of bacteriophage biology with specific expertise on phage activity in bioprocessing. Its team provides unique assistance to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, offering a range of services from personal training to consulting and process optimization in phage growth limitation. The company also advises and assists clients in the development of new production facilities.

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