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    Bacteriophage Contamination

    white-paperPhage Consultants
    January 31st 2013


    Bacteriophage contamination in bacterial cultures is a serious problem in both research and biotechnological laboratories which can result in a complete loss of the desired bio-product and spread of bacteriophages throughout the laboratory. Procedures such as good laboratory/factory hygiene, sterilisation, decontamination and disinfection could prevent phage infection of bacterial cultures. However this does not guarantee that phage contamination will not occur so bacteriophage infection will still need to be considered.

    This paper reviews efficient and uncomplicated methods for the prevention of phage infection and prophage induction in laboratories and biotechnological factories. The use of bacterial strains harbouring particular prophages is examined as method to reduce contamination. It appears that low bacterial growth rates can be a significant method to inhibit bacteriophage lytic development.

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    Bacteriophage contamination: is there a simple method to reduce its deleterious effects in laboratory cultures and biotechnological factories?


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