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Optimising and Custom Recombinant Protein Expression

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June 27th 2011

Trenzyme is an expert in optimising and custom recombinant protein expression. Due to Trenzyme’s modular cross-organism expression technology platform we can screen and optimise the expression of a given target protein in parallel, exploiting the individual strengths of the four most acknowledged host systems: E. coli, yeast, insect (Baculo-system) and mammalian cell. As a great benefit for our customers Trenzyme can deliver a fast feasibility answer, streamlining the project development and therefore ensuring a substantial time saving for optimising and optimising-and-custom-recombinant-protein-expression custom recombinant protein expression.

By using the latest technology and equipment, Trenzyme can realise custom recombinant protein expression and purification according to the needs of the customer. A vital network of collaboration partners enriches the sophisticated in-house possibilities, which also allows the development of complete upstream and downstream processes including exceptional analytical capabilities.

Custom Recombinant Protein Expression

If our clients are interested in the synthesis of a protein we can offer a custom protein expression solution to meet the targets of our clients, and we can adapt and customize to the needs of the client and the recombinant protein. If the timeline is extremely short as it happens to be for many clients and the requirement is for small quantities of the protein we use our expertise to select an appropriate system to deliver your recombinant protein expression. Trenzyne also offers full up scaling and our capacity and in-house expertise ensures we can deliver custom recombinant protein expression solutions beginning with test expressions in millilitres to high cell density fermentation in a bioreactor with full computer process control.


Trenzyme’s technology platforms for custom recombinant protein expression or RNAi-mediated down-regulation in mammalian cells, the ExoIN and EndoOUT systems, are proven to be extremely valuable tools to rapidly generate highly individualised cell lines.

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