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FreezeFect for Transfection Experiments of Mammalian Cells

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July 11th 2012

FreezeFect cells mean you’ll never have to delay transfection experiments because you forgot to thaw your CHO, HEK or HeLa cells or stay late at the lab waiting for freshly thawed cells to adapt to the culture before being able to efficiently transfer them.

FreezeFect cells are transfection competent cells ready-to-use straight out of the cryogenic storage, making the transfect of mammalian cells as convenient as with E. coli. FreezeFect cells are generated with a proprietary Trenzyme technology that was licensed to Lonza in 2011.

This technology is also available as a Nucleofector™ PLUS supplement, which can be used in conjunction with all existing Nucleofector™ kits. No matter the kit and Nucleofector™ device, simply replace the standard supplement (delivered with the regular Nucleofector™ kit) with the appropriate Nucleofector™ PLUS supplement.

Key benefits:
• Ready to use cryopreserved transfection competent cells
• Eliminates variations caused by the cell culture process
• Every batch is quality certified
• Excellent transfection efficiency and reproducibility over a period of more than one year
• Works with any Nucleofector™ device

Please contact us directly – Within 24 hours we provide you with a sample of FreezeFect for transfection experiments of mammalian cells and any additional information you require.

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