O.ZA.F. vibration systems for component orientation

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November 25th 2021

Vibration feeding systems play a key role in O.ZA.F.’s world-class range interlocking, sorting, assembly and robotic technologies that power modern production lines.

Vibratory feeders are essential when it comes to orienting various components such as: caps, rings, pumps, droppers, bottles, mechanical components, or fragile contents, to place them in the correct direction and position for feeding into filling, capping, cartooning or assembling processes.

Over the course of 70 years, O.ZA.F. has built up mastery of the technology and a very wide range of models and sizes of circular and linear vibrating systems and hoppers.

How vibration systems work

A vibration orienting system is usually composed of five key elements: preloading system, circular vibrating base, a bowl feeder, the inline feeder, track(s) to connect with filling/capping/cartooning or assembly system.

Feeders are made only to orient. To work properly, the bowl feeders need the correct level of parts inside them, which requires use of a pre-loading device such as a vibrating hopper or elevator, to feed a manageable number of components into the bowl at suitable frequency.

O.ZA.F. bowls feeder can have different kind of shape: conical, cylindrical or stepped bowl feeders to suit different weights and sizes of objects.

The vibrating orientation systems can be combined with other automatic devices for inserting unstable objects into pucks or combined with robots to improve system flexibility.

In case of combination with cartoners, the vibration system can be equipped with conical or cylindrical wheels for direct unloading of oriented parts directly into the boxes of the catenary.

The system can be completed with accessories that include fixed, adjustable, or telescopic pedestals, or soundproofing devices.

Vibrating bowl feeders for sterile applications

Vibrating bowl feeders for use in sterile or aseptic applications must possess several key characteristics:

  • They must be suitable for used in classified environments and in combination with isolators, O-RABS or C-RABS barrier systems.
  • Surfaces of the feeder that contact the product must be reach a low roughness level in order to be compliant with the autoclave sterilization process.
  • Contact surfaces formed from passivated, pickled and electropolished stainless steel AISI316/L that is resistant to corrosive chemicals used in sterilization in place processes
  • No use of compressed air anywhere in the system
  • Fully sealed ‘closed system’ to avoid contaminating production area.

O.ZA.F. vibrations systems meet all these requirements and are also designed to avoid need for any human contact with the bowl feeder or track surfaces. This is achieved by carefully designed coupling systems between base, bowl and track that can use external clamps, motorized clamps or the vacuum fixing system.

Innovation and Quality

Operating in Italy and abroad, O.ZA.F. can collaborate with filling, capping, cartooning and labelling machine manufacturers to created state-of-the-art production lines; from mechanical and electronic design, through assembly and testing, to the drafting of standard documentation and product validation.

While a highly innovative company, O.ZA.F. also remains true to its historical values of craftsmanship and attention to quality of materials, all contributing to assured excellence of its ‘Made in Italy’ brand. All processes follow O.ZA.F.’s rigorous internal quality procedures.

The company follows Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines in its processes and products. Its devices are CE-marked as meeting all European Annex 1 product standards.

Since its foundation in 1950, O.ZA.F. has been based in and around Florence. In 2008, to meet growing demand for higher speed and more complex machines, it moved to its current 4,200m2 facility at Scarperia. Actually O.ZA.F. teams is composed of 50 members: 13 of them are involved in bowl feeder manufacturing process.


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O.ZA.F. vibration systems for component orientation

Bowl feeder for Stoppers with no. 6 exit lanes

O.ZA.F. vibration systems for component orientation

Bowl feeder for Alu caps with tear-off track and pre-feeding hopper suitable for isolator

O.ZA.F. vibration systems for component orientation

Bowl feeder for stoppers with motorizes coupling. Vibrating base with Silicon seal and drainage suitable for isolator