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    Neyret Special Pilot and Automatic Assembly Machines

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    March 27th 2020

    Neyret Group’s special machines may cover a number of different categories, including pilot, semi-automatic and fully automated assembly.

    What makes them ‘special’ is that each one is unique and fully customized according to the sector for which it is intended, including pharmaceutical products and medical device assembly.

    Special Machines

    The determining factor for the creation of this type of machine is a client’s need for an innovative and effective solution.

    Neyret’s special machines and systems are developed entirely according to the client’s technical specifications, with the objective being technical and economical optimization. This category includes pilot (experimental) assembly, low-speed semi-automatic machines (5 to 25ppm), high-speed assembly machines (40- 240ppm for index) and (150 – 1000ppm for continuous motion). In addition we built, printing machines, testing machines, and flexible machines.

    Pilot machines

    Pilot machines are intended for experimental assembly that anticipate and thereby qualify the conditions for the main production run. These are, essentially, assembly test machines that often work semi-automatically or at deliberately slowed rates of production.

    Neyret has developed the ability to design and build special machines that perfectly meet the needs and expectations of clients.

    The tools used and proved on these machines can later be reintegrated into indexed or continuous motion production machines for fully automated assembly.

    Semi-automatic assembly machines

    Semi-automatic machines are used when the geometry, size or shape of the components prevents the use of an automatic feed system, or when the client’s needs in terms of volume are lower than those handled by an automatic machine.

    Neyret uses the same client-centric approach when adapting semi-automatic assembly machine as it does when designing and manufacturing special industrial machines.

    Automatic assembly machines

    These machines are used when the client’s needs high volume production (from 10 up to 100 millions/year).

    Neyret engineering capabilities allows to create motion , processes out of the box with always the approach to ease the operation and maintenance of the equipment and thus enhancing open time.

    Again, Neyret machines can be adapted to suit changing client needs and objectives.


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    Neyret Special Pilot and Automatic Assembly Machines

    Semi-automatic assembly machines are used when the nature of components or processes prevent use of automatic feeds or where the process is still being piloted or proved at low volume

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