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    Neyret Group

    French-based Neyret Group (Neyret) is a leading manufacturer of customized automatic assembly and test machinery for the medical and life sciences industries.

    The company designs, builds, installs and tunes indexed motion and continuous motion assembly, test and print machines that are fully customized to customer’s ideal requirements.

    Constantly embracing innovation, Neyret Group designs and delivers solutions to meet emerging needs and fulfil customer dreams.


    Neyret employs some 200 people at two production sites; Société Guy Neyret producing indexed machines in Chaponost, near Lyon, and LAGNIEL SAS, producing continuous motion machines in Douvres-la-Délivrande near Caen, Normandy.

    Working together, these two arms of the group design and develop fully customized “turnkey” assembly solutions for clients around the world, and for many different areas of application. The Neyret Group is able to offer six complementary product and service streams:

    • Indexed motion systems: particularly well-suited for integrating processes that need the component to remain stationary (i.e. riveting, machining, labelling, etc.). Societe Guy Neyret cam-driven indexed motion machines are robust and reliable and can adapt to any type of component geometry, from the simplest to the most complex. These assembly machines use a single motor to power every one of the machine’s movements, from the rotating ring right up to the various peripheral items and components. The advantage of this ring-based system is highly increased stability and “tight” machine assembly that allows device assembly with high precision, incorporating many special processes (welding, gluing, folding, screwing, etc.), a wide variety of tests (vision, tightness, size, torque measurements, etc.), and even printing directly onto the item, using laser marking, etc.
    • Continuous motion systems: This type of technology is used to produce high volumes of a specific product. These production runs can reach several tens or hundreds of millions of items per year. LAGNIEL SAS continuous motion machines offer high-speed automatic production systems (between 150 and 1,200 items per minute). This highly specialized technology is mainly required) for circular form and other products, allowing complete screwing, gluing, ultrasonic welding, lubrication processes, and many more tasks to be completed within a single process.
    • Robotics: Neyret offers robotic solutions designed for a range of applications, including assembly of small, delicate components that require high levels of precision, small and medium-sized series, from tens to several thousand components and multi-component, multi-reference, fixed or adaptable series. The range of Neyret assembly robots include:
      • Robots integrated into the flow of an assembly machine
      • Independent master robots for automatic or semi-automatic cells
      • Transfer robots, sending items to a sub-system (to a stamping press or other system)
      • Tracking robots for random “Pick and Place” component assembly
      • The non-standard E-manip assembly robot developed by Societe Guy Neyret that increases the movement options available to “Pick and Place” manipulators.
    • Check and test: Neyret machines can incorporate any type of checking system, testing for tightness (leak, pressure, low pressure, volume), presence, size, stacking, scans, X-ray, vision, strength, torque and flow. For leak tests, it offer either integrating systems provided by a specialist or “homemade” modular applications to conduct testing, measuring and checking, using dedicated test benches. Acquisition is typically analogue, with data acquisition and visualization, either by the operator-machine interface or via a PC.
    • Industrial vision: Neyret’s industrial vision department leverages extensive experience in component handling for high-speed assembly to tailor responses to meet any demand and to perfect solutions to check all items and assembly procedures to ensure zero defects. This methodology of providing redundant checks on top of any other procedure is mandatory to ensure regulatory compliance in the medical or pharmaceutical sectors.
    • Training: As fully certified agents and a Cognex Training Centre, Neyret can offer several different levels of training both in-house and on client premises. These range from basic familiarity with installed systems to creation of new references.

    Products and applications

    Neyret Group produces turnkey assembly machine solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors, including pharma, medical device, diagnostic, personal care and healthcare manufacturers.

    Neyret’s guiding philosophy is that the end-product defines process and therefore the ideal machine solution.

    Neyret machine creation and delivery is supported by a wide portfolio of interrelated service areas including engineering, machining, assembly, tune-up, commissioning, training, ramp-up service, maintenance contracts, expertise, retrofit, analysis, troubleshooting and debugging.

    In the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, Neyret offers assembly solutions for:

    • Drug Delivery Devices & Systems: Buccal, Nasal, Ophthalmic, Respiratory, etc.
    • Injectable Systems & Components: Anti-needlestick devices, containers. closures, needles, canules, pen injectors, syringes and prefilled syringes
    • Containers: vials, cartridges and ampoules
    • Medical Devices
    • Packaging Components: Closures, Desiccants, Pumps, Valves
    • Packaging Machinery & Production Equipment: Automated Assembly Systems, Automation & Robotics, Production Equipment
    • Packaging Materials: Glass, Plastic, Polymer, Silicone
    • Pharmaceutical Packaging: Aerosols, Bags, Bottles, Capsules / Encapsulation, Dispensing / Airless Systems, Droppers, Inhaler and Components, Prefillable Inhalers, Tubes, Uni Dose
    • Safety: Child Resistant, Tamper Evident, Labelling, Traceability, Authentication Solutions

    Structure and history

    Neyret Group is a holding company that groups together three principal manufacturing entities:

    • Société Guy Neyret (GNsa) for index cam machinery
    • Société Mécanique de Precision (SMOP) machining services
    • Société LAGNIEL SAS for continuous motion machinery

    The group also includes a Chinese sales subsidiary, NAAM (Changzhou) Automation Ltd, and is expanding its presence in the USA.

    Under the leadership of Président-Directeur Général (P-DG), Bruno Neyret, the group has expanded rapidly over three decades, from its roots as the SMOP machining workshop in 1986 and creation of GNsa the following year, going on to deliver its first machine in 1988.

    Since then, Neyret has expanded with acquisition of LAGNIEL SAS in 2006, leading to the formation of the Neyret Group in 2014. It opened its sales office in China in 2017.

    Quality and Regulatory

    Neyret Group machinery meets CE Requirements and complies with GAMP guidelines (V5), 21CFR820, 21CFR210/211, 21CFR part 11, HSG57 and SFG158.

    Neyret processes for ensuring quality include mandatory kick off meetings, design review, PFMEA failure mode and effects analysis, safety risk analysis, internal acceptance and pre-FAT and R&R stages.

    Neyret uses clean rooms for both tuning and factory acceptance testing (FAT) for pharma and medical machines.

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