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    Neyret Group Peripheral Solutions

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    January 14th 2021

    As part of its mission to develop fully customized “turnkey” assembly solutions for clients around the world for many different areas of application, the Neyret Group offers a wide range of peripheral systems and assemblies.

    These peripherals allow customers to extract the maximum performance and efficiency  from their Neyret Group indexed and continuous motion assembly platforms.

    Component handling

    The principal purpose of Neyret Group peripheral systems is to feed and order components into an assembly platform, to help the process run as fast and smoothly as possible.

    Efficient component handling is one of the keys to maximizing manufacturing efficiency and reducing overall cost.

    Neyret Group Peripherals are offered under five main group headings: Tray Loader palletizers, buffer, labelling solutions, satellite assemblies and hoppers.


    Neyret Group palletizer/depalletizer systems provide ideal solutions for moving fragile and complex ‘raw’ components from their shipping formats and directly into a production line.

    These palletizer solutions can be specified in standard or custom variants, and as independent (stand-alone) or integrated solutions and speed up to 300parts/min.


    This highly compact and robust add-on station ensures independency between equipment. It could be between a molding press and an assembly machine or between assembly machines itself thus improving overall efficiency.

    Labelling solution

    The Neyret Group labelling unrolling and application solution deploys labels from their rolls onto products while enabling Datamatrix scan checks, variable data printing, vision printing checks and more. In addition specific hot foil station has been engineered with quick roll changeover system and tight punching pitch reducing considerably the usage of consumables.

    Satellite Systems

    Neyret Group satellite systems provide different ways to optimize feed of components into an assembly platform. Three different types of satellite solution are offered:

    • SPV: variable pitch satellite: This system enables items to be fed continuously and eliminates any impacts between products.
    • SIS synchronized satellite: specialized application reserved for components that take longer to feed (such as springs, tubes, sleeves, etc.) into a high-speed assembly system.
    • Cardioid double variable pitch satellite: facilitates the transfer of components from one assembly system to another, improving flexibility. It also provides an opportunity to conduct checks and apply glue and silicon, among other applications.


    Peripheral hoppers play a vital role in feeding large numbers of loose and identical components such as covers, plugs, caps, fasteners, etc., into a high speed assembly line, acting both as feed sources and component ‘reservoirs’.

    • Pharma hopper: This type of hopper feed devices and includes a rapid emptying system. To support sterile pharmaceutical applications, it eliminates any retention zone for components and offers improved ease of access for cleaning in place (CIP).


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    Neyret Group Peripheral Solutions
    Neyret Group Peripheral Solutions
    Neyret Group Peripheral Solutions

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