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    Neyret Group signals continued expansion with new plant extension plans

    news-releasesNeyret Group
    December 9th 2020

    Business growth of Neyret Group, the leading manufacturer of customized automatic assembly and test machinery for medical and life sciences industries, continues apace with further ramping up of production capacity.

    Less than two years after opening its modern manufacturing facility and offices at the LAGNIEL SAS site at Douvres-la-Délivrande in Normandy, Neyret Group has now announced plans for construction of an extension plant there.

    Expanding workforce

    The group now plans a 4.500 m2 expansion of the new factory, scheduled for completion by May 2021, hand in hand with recruitment of new staff. The move reflects buoyant demand for Lagniel’s renowned continuous motion automated assembly platforms.

    Neyret Group will provide further details of its expansion in staff bulletins and its monthly newsletter to customers and partners worldwide.

    Ultra-modern factory

    Recently, the group announced that its current backlog of orders indicates minimum growth of 80% for 2020 and this trend seems set to continue into 2021. At the same time, it announced the creation of a new subsidiary, Neyret Group North America Inc. (NGNA Inc.) based in Delaware, USA, with linked expansion of its local support operation as stepping stones to expanded presence in the Americas.

    About Neyret Group

    French-based Neyret Group designs and manufactures customized automatic assembly and test machines for the medical and life sciences industries.

    The company produces indexed motion and continuous motion assembly, test and print machines that are fully customized to customer’s ideal requirements.

    Neyret employs more than 230 people at two production sites; Société Guy Neyret producing indexed machines in Chaponost, near Lyon, and Lagniel, producing continuous motion machines in Douvres-la-Délivrande near Caen, Normandy.

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    Neyret Group signals continued expansion with new plant extension plans

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