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    Neyret Group Indexed Motion Assembly Solutions

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    July 17th 2020

    The Neyret Group is an expert in complex, automated assembly processes, offering both continuous motion and rotary table indexed motion solutions.

    While Lagniel continuous motion technology are used to produce very large quantities of a specific product, Societe Guy Neyret indexed motion systems are particularly well-suited to complex parts and assembly with processes that need the component to remain stationary.

    Indexed motion design and features

    Two major factors become prominent in the industry: ‘’ flexibility and scalability’’. In term of flexibility Societe Guy Neyret has developed a dedicated servo driven manipulator (E-Manip) and polar robot. Scalability is achieved by robot tracking.

    Societe Guy Neyret Indexed Motion assembly, printing and testing machines are based on different platforms either by rotary turning table or linear motion technology.

    The turning table is powered by a single motor and synchronized mechanically or numerically with every one of the machine’s manipulators up to the various peripheral satellite and items.

    The Linear technology is using magnet motion to guide individually shuttles along a track using stator linear motors coupled to E-Manip or Robots.

    The advantage of these configurations are robustness, reliability, precision and high output. As the manipulators are working from the inside to the outside of the machine, it brings in addition high level of accessibility to operators and maintenance personnel for any type of interventions.

    The machines are designed and engineered with primary focus on ergonomics and flexibility as top priorities to make daily customer usage and operation as easy as possible, emphasizing direct access and quick simple changeover mechanisms.

    Index motion assembly applications

    Société Guy Neyret indexed motion machines can be adapted to any sector or industry.

    They can incorporate many special processes, such as welding, gluing, dosing, or screwing, as well as a wide variety of tests (vision, tightness, torque, measure , etc.), and printing directly onto the item, using laser, digital ,pad or inkjet. Furthermore, the machines can include components and assembled product quality checks, such as dimensional, color, defects, measurements such as torque, force, leak tests, etc.

    Over the course of more than 30 years as an assembly machine leader Société Guy Neyret has developed off-the-shelf processes and solutions always driven by constant innovation and tailored to each customer’s individual needs and requirements.


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    Neyret Group Indexed Motion Assembly Solutions

    A Neyret Group indexed motion assembly process can also encompass a large range of satellite processes deployed around the central assembly turntable

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